Delphi To Display Its Wireless EV Charging System At EVS26

More news is transpiring on what will be found at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26), which will be held May 6-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Delphi Automotive will display its latest electric and hybrid vehicle technologies with a full-size vehicle chassis display detailing its EV/HEV technologies including charge port inlet, vehicle sound generator, lithium-ion battery controller, on-board charger, unitary heat pump air conditioner, electric variable cam phaser and more.

Additionally, the company has outfitted an HEV with its Delphi Wireless EV Charging System. The system will automatically transfer power to a vehicle without the hassle of cords or connections. This hands-free charging technology is based on highly resonant magnetic coupling which transfers electric power over short distances without physical contact, allowing for safer and more convenient charging options for consumer and commercial electric vehicles.

“Delphi has the benefit of more than 20 years of experience engineering electric vehicles,” said Andrew Brown, Jr., Delphi vice president and chief technologist. “We have scalable products for all levels of vehicles including mild HEVs, HEVs and EVs and we are currently in production with charging systems, high voltage wiring and connections, DC/DC converters, safety disconnects and power boxes, which include DC/AC inverters and battery packs and battery pack management. Many of these products will be on display for the public, industry and government during EVS26.”

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