Daimler and BMW Reportedly Talking About Shared Carsharing Platform

Daimler and BMW are reportedly looking to share a vehicle platform to better compete with the likes of Uber.

The disclosure comes from German monthly Manager Magazin which reported the automakers are combining their carsharing divisions, but will keep their individual brand names – BMW’s DriveNow and Daimler’s Car2Go.

Both German companies are also said to be looking into bringing their other mobility services into the alliance. These may include Daimler’s Mytaxi service for taxi operators and the Moovel internet platform; BMW may bring its ParkNow parking application and ChargeNow electric car charging service into the deal.

Manager Magazin interprets this as a way to get a footing in the race for mobility service leadership, where Uber leads the way. Both automakers declined to comment.

DriveNow, was a joint venture between BMW and Sixt that was founded in 2011.  Car2Go was launched by Daimler in 2008.

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Earlier this year, BMW launched what appears to be the U.S. market version of DriveNow through the ReachNow brand. During a press conference at AutoMobility LA during last month’s LA Auto Show, BNW named four new ReachNow mobility services and a Brooklyn location, its third North American city. The new services include on-demand ride services similar to Uber and Lyft; and exclusive use of the BMW i3 and BMW 3 Series onsite at select apartment and condo complex locations.

DriveNow runs about 5,390 vehicles across seven countries in Europe. BMW said that it serves over 750,000 customers.

Car2Go describes itself as beating rivals such as Zipcar by being the “world’s largest one-way car-sharing service.” Car2Go serves over two million members worldwide, and has cars available in eight countries in North America, Western Europe, and in China. The carsharing division said that it operates more than 14,000 vehicles.

Daimler and BMW, plus other rivals like Volkswagen, are testing out a whole series of mobility services to prepare for a rapidly changing global market driven by sharing, autonomous systems, and electrification. BMW recently announced a test project in Munich using self-driving cars and pay-per-use ride services to prepare for the future.

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