Could Solar Roadways Be The Answer We’ve Been Waiting For?

How do you like this idea: A road surface that melts snow and never needs plowing, never needs repaving or new painted lines but illuminates instead, pays for itself, and if implemented nationwide, could generate three-times more energy than the U.S. requires.

Does it sound like such a good idea that it probably won’t happen? You may be right. Or the folks at hope you’re wrong.

Either way, they’ve put a video together targeting the minds not of policymakers and older folks, but that of Gen Y, the youth culture, and the intent is to plant a seed of an idea where it may actually grow.

The solar panels are accompanied by LED lights that can serve a multitude of functions, and be reconfigured similar to any painted surface at the push of a button.

They are the brainchild of Julie and Scott Brusaw who themselves met when they were 3 and four years old.

Covering the solar road panels over is a tempered glass surface which they say is tough enough for airplanes to land on, though unclear is what the grippiness factor is compared to rougher asphalt or concrete.

The video “Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!” says it all, and if you have more questions, click over to the Solar Roadways Web site.


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