Could Saab be Revived as a Maker of Electric Vehicles?

While Saab’s bankruptcy last December is still proving hard to swallow among many in the industry, there’s been no shortage of potential suitors looking to revive the Swedish automaker.

Besides Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Group, which narrowly missed acquiring the automaker and is still in talks with Saab’s receivers, an as yet unnamed Sino-Japanese consortium is now also expressing interest.

However, in this case, there’s a bit of an environmental twist. The consortium in question, which reportedly has very deep pockets, plans to revive Saab as a manufacturer of electric vehicles, since it already has a vested interest in battery technology.

In fact according to an unnamed Swedish source, the consortium is very keen on acquiring Saab assets and has likely already tabled a bid.

As for the viability of electric cars, well, it perhaps isn’t as far out as it might seem. As little as a year ago, Saab was still working on electric vehicle programs and indeed had assembled a fleet of some 70 9-3 e-Power models using 135-kw motors (essentially a more powerful version of the UQM unit found in the 2012 Coda sedan) and Boston Power Swing Cell lithium ion batteries (already available as mass produced items).

So, if it the bid does prove successful, there’s every indication we might indeed see e-Power 9-3s or derivatives become a reality. That said sources in Sweden still remain skeptical about the commercial viability of EVs in the near term. Furthermore, another major obstacle to a possible Saab EV revival lies with General Motors – specifically its unenthusiastic stance of allowing Chinese companies access to technology it originally licensed to Saab. It was GM’s refusal to do so that led to the Youngman deal falling through last December and Saab filing for bankruptcy.

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  • Roy_H

    So is this GM technology related to electric motors or not? Maybe this Japanese consortium doesn’t care about the GM patents.

  • James Davis

    Your last paragraph was a little bit fuzzy. Are you saying that GM put Saab into bankruptcy because they were afraid that Saab would sell GM technology to China, or it was GM technology that put Saab into bankruptcy?

    Would GM have any trouble with Sino-Japanese turning Saab into an electric car manufacturer? After all, GM does not have any electric cars in production in America or Sweden.

  • Tania

    I just wonder~ for how long this car can be use? Well, if all cars will be electric then no more pollution from vehichles, no more gas station~ just electric station I guess.

    Tania from calcul taux d’endettement 

  • greg45

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