Conservative Radio Pundit Who Attacks Elon Musk May Be Appointed Trump’s Press Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump may appoint a press secretary who has it in for Elon Musk.

A group called Citizens for the Republic (CftR) has taken on Tesla CEO Elon Musk for allegedly defrauding American taxpayers out of billions of dollars in government subsidies, grants, “and other favors.”

CftR is headed by Laura Ingraham, a conservative radio show host who has backed Trump and spoke in his favor at the Republican National Convention. Even though Ingraham has criticized media for being biased, CNN considers her a leading candidate to become Trump’s press secretary.

As reported by Autoblog, Electrek has been digging into CftR’s tendency to be “full of misinformation about Tesla, electric vehicles, and solar energy.”

According to Electrek, the organization maintains a site called Stop Elon from Failing Again, with one of the commentaries stating that, “Elon Musk has defrauded the American Taxpayer out of over $4.9 Billion in the form of subsidies, grants, and other favors.”

Other commentaries criticize Tesla Motors for its SolarCity acquisition and charge Musk with cronyism while spending taxpayer dollars. Another piece attacks Trump’s SpaceX company: “Will Elon Musk’s SpaceX Crash Land On Planet Trump?”

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Musk may have been responding to the attack, and blog posts by critical financial analysts, in a Tweet from yesterday:

“Can anyone uncover who is really writing these fake pieces? Can’t be skankhunt42. His work is better than this.”

Musk referred to the “South Park” cartoon series by mentioning skankhunt42. He also featured a link and image from a Bloomberg article titled, “Elon Musk vs. the Trolls,” which uncovered false attacks on Musk typically seen on websites and blogs. Another Tweet cites the Electrek commentary on the “Stop Elon From Failing Again” campaign.

Whether or not Ingraham becomes Trump’s press secretary, CftR will most likely continue roasting him for backing solar power and electric cars. There’s also the part about Musk having endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump for supporting clean energy.


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