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    General Motors

    Bob Lutz Critiques Tesla Motors in TV Interview

    Former GM vice chair and Chevrolet Volt protagonist Bob Lutz had more statements to make about the future of Tesla Motors and its products to CBS MoneyWatch. “I’m certainly a great fan of the Model S. The Model X isn’t working too well because it doesn’t have enough roof structure, so those doors are never […]


    Japan Has More EV Charging Stations Than Gas Stations

    While Japanese automakers have been advocating leadership in hydrogen-powered cars, the country has taken a lead in electric vehicle charging stations. Japan now has more charging stations than gasoline stations, according to a recent study by Nissan. The Japanese automaker reports that there are more than 40,000 charging ports nationwide compared to fewer than 35,000 […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Analyst Says Chevy Bolt Could Sell Between 30,000-80,000 Units in 2017

    While massive pre-orders for the pending Tesla Model 3 have seemingly eclipsed the 2017 Chevy Bolt, one analyst predicts GM’s 200-plus-mile EV could sell as many cars as Tesla sells globally this year. In an interview with Barrons, Kelly Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer estimated a broad potential range of sales for the 2017 Bolt […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Nearly 50-Percent of Drivers Don’t Want Self-Driving Features in Their Cars

    A recent study has found that nearly half of drivers prefer to not have any self-driving features in their vehicles. University of Michigan researchers Brandon Schoettle and Michael Sivak surveyed 618 drivers on their preferences of both partially and completely self-driving vehicles, as well as overall preferences for having self-driving versus conventional vehicles. The survey […]

    Mercedes-Benz Rolling Out Four New EVs Built on Existing Platforms

    Mercedes-Benz is expected to follow the lead set by the B-Class Electric Drive through building four new electric models on existing Mercedes platforms. The German automaker will likely be launching two electric sedans and two SUVs by 2020. They’ll fall under the automaker’s cost-saving strategy and are expected to follow the lead set by the […]

    VW Exec Reveals ‘Real World’ Range of New e-Golf

    While Volkswagen has been saying that a 186-mile range electric e-Golf is scheduled to roll out, the “real world” number is reportedly more likely to be 124 miles traveled on a full charge. Frank Welsch, Volkswagen’s technical development boss, had said that a heavily revamped VW e-Golf will roll out by the end of this […]

    Volvo Adding Electric Models to its New Compact 40 Series

    Volvo just offered a look at its new 40 series compact cars and SUVs, including a plug-in hybrid and an electric car. The Volvo 40 series should go on sale in the U.S. starting in 2018, according to IHS Automotive. These new models are the final major piece emanating from Chinese automaker Geely’s $11 billion […]

    GM Compensates Owners Of Crossovers For Misstated MPG

    Owners of GM crossovers with overstated mpg claims will receive debit cards as compensation. The move was expected after the American automaker issued a stop sale on the crossovers last week saying that the Monroney Sticker had the wrong mpg figures on it. GM expects the payment offers will be made to about 135,000 retail […]

    Toyota Sells Nine-Millionth Hybrid

    Yesterday Toyota announced that its cumulative global hybrid sales through April tallied to 9.014 million. The latest million took just nine months, and counted Lexus and Toyota vehicles from all markets dating back to the August 1997 Japanese launch of the original Prius. With the news, the carmaker observes its combined effect on saving fuel […]