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    Volkswagen To Challenge Tesla Model 3 With $8K Price Advantage

    The Volkswagen ID concept series is getting ready to make a big splash in price competition with the Tesla Model 3. In a July 13 interview with German automotive publication Automobil Produktion, VW’s chief of corporate strategy Thomas Sedran said the German automaker is preparing to launch within the next few years an all-electric Volkswagen […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Tesla Model S Wins Back Consumer Reports Top Safety Ranking

    Consumer Reports has officially reinstated the Tesla Model S to it top safety rating ranking for fixing its emergency braking system. The consumer safety magazine had taken the Model S off that list in April after reviewing the vehicle and finding that Tesla’s software update for the automotive emergency braking (AEB) wasn’t adequate. The latest […]

    Mini 3-Door To Come in Battery Electric Version Starting 2019

    BMW will be bringing its flexible electrified vehicle architecture over to an all-electric Mini in 2019. An all-electric variant of the brand’s core 3-door small car model, also known as the Mini Cooper, will start production that year. Car buyers will be able to consider a traditional gasoline or diesel engine version, a plug-in hybrid, […]

    Star Wars’ Inspired EV Promises Out-Of-This-World Driver Experience – Video

    Costing a mere fraction of a Nissan Leaf, a lightweight electric car that reaches its top speed in seconds with comfortable seating for two is now taking pre-orders. Future generation drivers need to be of smaller stature and under 130 pounds, but in exchange they get a 12-Volt EV with easy recharging at home, with […]

    Fisker Cancels Graphene Battery Plans, Bringing In LG Chem Li-Ion

    Fisker is parting ways with battery technology supplier Nanotech Energy for the upcoming EMotion all-electric luxury sports sedan. Its Fisker Nanotech joint venture was going to use battery cells made from graphene for the EMotion’s battery pack. The JV, called Fisker Nanotech, came to be with founder Henrik Fisker’s announcement of Fisker Inc., in October […]

    Tesla Dropping Cheapest Model S, the 75 RWD

    With the Model 3’s arrival for retail customers imminent, Tesla is dropping the cheapest version of the Model S. That’s the rear-wheel drive Model S 75. At $69,500, it is currently the lowest-priced version of the four-door electric sedan. It is also the only rear-drive version of the Model S. The entry-level Model S is […]

    Toyota Could Begin Mass Producing Electric Cars In China As Soon As 2019

    Toyota may be ready to plunge into China’s “new energy vehicle” electric car market as early as 2019. While the company wouldn’t confirm the plan as reported by Reuters, a Toyota spokesman on Friday confirmed that electric vehicles will be introduced to that market. “We are going to introduce EVs in China with a few […]