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2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid Remove

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid Remove

Free price quote!

Free price quote!

Price (base MSRP) $29,900$30,500
Fuel Economy 34 / 30 MPG
7 / 8 L/100km
34 / 31 MPG
7 / 8 L/100km
Estimated annual fuel cost   $938$938
Estimated annual fuel use   375 gallons a year375 gallons a year
Estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions   7,350 pounds a year7,350 pounds a year
Body Type SUVSUV
Technology HybridHybrid
Seating 55
  • More power with 2009 model
  • Design is more rugged and trucklike than competition
  • Reliable Ford hybrid system
  • Most fuel-efficient SUV available today
  • Very smooth transitions between gas and electric
  • 110-volt AC power outlet comes standard
    • No compelling reason to choose Mazda versus Ford version
    • Rear seats are awkward to fold
    • Styling not reflective of Mazda's zoom-zoom image
    • Not best SUV for towing and off-road use
    • General feeling of heaviness
    • Second-row seating doesn't slide or easily fold