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Free price quote!

Price (base MSRP) $16,315$13,000
Fuel Economy 33 / 41 MPG
7 / 6 L/100km
29 / 36 MPG
8 / 7 L/100km
Estimated annual fuel cost   $833$938
Estimated annual fuel use   333 gallons a year375 gallons a year
Estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions   6,527 pounds a year7,350 pounds a year
Body Type HatchbackCoupe
Technology Internal Combustion EngineSmall Car
Seating 5
    • Offered as two-door hatchback, four-door hatchback or four-door sedan
    • Appealing and expressive small car style
    • Great value for the mileage
        • Smaller than top subcompact competition
        • Good acceleration with manual, but automatic is slugging
        • Limited cargo space