Clash of the Hybrid Titans

Nov. 1, 2006: MoneySense—Look Who’s Green Now

Summary: "You can’t exit a sushi bar or an avant-garde play without being struck by the number of hybrid cars in the parking lot. But what if you live in a place where hauling lumber is more common than nibbling on sashimi, where going off road is more popular than going off Broadway? ‘There is a significant market of people who live in a place where SUVs are sacrosanct,’ says Bradley Berman, editor of ‘There’s something about riding a little higher and having more space that these people are not ready to give up.’

Fortunately for those SUV lovers, automakers are waking up to the need for heavy haulers that are light on gas. Enter the next generation of hybrid vehicles: big trucks that hide their green conscience under an intimidating exterior."

Saturn VUE GreenLine, Ford Escape Hybrid, and Toyota Highlander Hybrid are three different interpretations of what a hybrid SUV should be. How do they mesh with expectations of SUV drivers?

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    i think all these cars are a waste of money…why u ask? because one who buys a SUV wants an SUV not a weak little hybrid. im not saying hybrids arent bad, as they are perfect for a the evryday family sedans used such as the camry hybrid. but making SUVs hybrid is not the way to go…. 😡