Civic Outsells Ford F-Series Trucks

Entire history books could one day be devoted to the auto industry’s seismic shift in 2008. Yet, the May sales numbers tell the whole story:

  • The Honda Civic, a compact car available with either a hybrid or gasoline engine, displaced Ford’s F-series pickup truck as the month’s best-selling vehicle
  • The three Detroit automakers were outsold for the first time ever by their Asian rivals
  • A passenger sedan—not a truck—was the top-selling vehicle in the United States for the first time in 16 years
  • Most industry analysts expected a shift in car buying patterns, resulting from high gas prices—but the immediate and dramatic effect of $4 gas caught car companies, including Toyota, by surprise.

    Sales for the Toyota’s Prius, the most popular hybrid vehicle, were off from 24,009 units a year ago to 15,011 vehicles in May. The drop was due to limited availability of the Prius, Toyota said. The head of Toyota Motor sales, Bob Carter, said the company had been hindered by production constraints and that the Prius was selling as quickly as they could be built. “Dealer stock for Prius is best measured in hours rather than days,” Mr. Carter said.

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  • Black Ice

    Are we really surprised the Asian car company outsold the American car company?

  • Paul Rivers

    I am surprised- I’m surprised that the F-150 used to be outselling everything else. I figured more people would have been buying smaller cars years ago I figured the Camry or something would have been the highest selling car starting years ago. Weird.

  • Skeptic

    Why are either of you surprised? F150s are *very* popular and were before the suburban masses decided trucks were cool. Remember, a lot of folks actually *need* pickup trucks and most are F-150s (followed right behind by GM’s Silverado).

    No surprise there.

    OTOH, that the market flipped so quickly to a reasonable car really is a surprise.

  • Dopalchenski

    It is about time Asian car companies patsed the US! But Ford and GM never saw this coming thats hard to believe.Ford and GM are now laying off all this US works and that sucks big time for the economy.

  • KCK

    I don’t know what it’s going to take for our stupid American car companies to get with the program and build high MPG and quality cars like the Japanese do!! I mean, the U.S. companies are closing plants, laying off workers, etc…and we saw this coming! Aaah! I’m a patriotic American and this drives me nuts. I also plan to buy the best quality (Honda or Toyota), and hope the American companies will catch up someday.

  • Slappy

    They have been giving the shaft to the public for a very long time. Its time for their ass to be on the receiving end.

  • Reese


    I was one of those people who thought I *needed* or *must have* a pickup/SUV because all my friends had them. I stopped the cycle by buying a utility trailer and used it for moving kids to several colleges over a ten year time period. Trailers are cheap to own and operate compared to owning and operating a pickup.

    There is/was a pioneering culture being marketed and sold to the American public in the form of 4WD SUVs and pickups. Now we will witness the relenting advertising campaign of being “GREEN”. I saw that Ford is making “Green” foam rubber in their seats! Who cares? What does Joe-Public really want? GAS MILEAGE EFFICIENCY balanced with safety!

    BTW – I had an 86 station wagon and now a 98 station wagon for towing. Big moving projects are done by U-Haul. Also if I need to deliver LARGE project materials to my house, Home Depot rents a truck for $20 (GREAT DEAL). Next car will undoubtedly be a Prius/hybrid but I can’t justify the buckaziods to upgrade my 98 SW just yet.


    The (useless) Unions are driving up prices, causing the consumers to pay a higher cost. Our US Govt has no TEETH w OPEC. Time to start charging the GULF countries for our BLOOD, SWEAR, TEARS or pull out NOW. They are Making Zillions off us while building DUBAI Stop being so dependent on foriegn OIL and start producing our own. BUY AMERICAN products not CHINA JUNK.

  • Shines

    Stupid American car companies making cars for us to buy. Stupid oil countries selling oil to us so we can drive the stupid cars we buy. Stupid government letting the stupid oil countries and stupid car companies treat us so bad.
    Stupids, its allways their fault!

  • Old Bald Guy

    When I was in college in the ’60s, there were two choices in the USA for car buyers … if you wanted a nice LARGE car, you bought American … if you wanted a nice SMALL car, you bought English or German. ( by nice, I mean well equipped, radio, heater, leather, a/c, etc.)

    When the first oil shortage hit in 1973, Americans discovered SMALL cars that also were well equipped … and economical. These nice and small cars now included Japanese cars.

    Detroit answered by making some smaller versions of their junk … giving us smaller junk. A new 1974 Ford Pinto was good for about 16 to 25 mpg. A Chevy Vega lasted about 40,000 miles.

    It’s gas crunch time again and what is Detroit doing? Selling lots of little cars … made in Japan or Korea or someplace else. Selling big cars, trucks, and SUVs … made in USA … NOT!

    Americans are speaking very loudly with their checkbooks … anybody in Detroit listening?

  • Armand


    “The (useless) Unions are driving up prices, causing the consumers to pay a higher cost. Our US Govt has no TEETH w OPEC. Time to start charging the GULF countries for our BLOOD, SWEAR, TEARS or pull out NOW. They are Making Zillions off us while building DUBAI Stop being so dependent on foriegn OIL and start producing our own. BUY AMERICAN products not CHINA JUNK.”

    Oh please….blood, sweat, and tears….you guys set up the Gulf industries…you guys funded the oil drilling, you guys have your hands up Saudi asses so far that I can’t believe you can honestly think they work independently…how naive are you?

    They are making zillions? How about the US corporations who are running the show over there? How much are THEY making? You want to be oil independent? Stop wasting 25% of the world’s resources when you are only 5% of the world’s population. Don’t drive your retarded 8 passenger SUVs. Don’t make them in the first place. Buy American? Really? Then your precious Targets, Walmarts, and what not will seize to exist. Then you won’t be able to fill up your American made POS Expedition with all the junk you just bought from Costco to take back to your pathetic, wasteful 4000sqft McMansion.

    Stop blaming others and look in the mirror and realize YOU are the problem.

  • Steve S

    I’m sick and tired of liberals bad mouthing US Car companies and complaining about outsourcing of jobs. If you want Americans to have jobs, then buy American products. I have two fords; escort and an F-150 (117,000 mi and 85,000 mile respectively and never in the shop other than an oil change) If you haven’t noticed GM sell 6x cars at 30+ mpg each. Have you ever heard of the Toyota Tundra? It’s a truck. A big truck. I’m going to buy a brand new F-150 -4-door this week, because gas prices will be $2.00 gallon by Feb 09 and at this discount that I can buy the F150, I can pay for the $4 gallon gas for nearly 2-years. Do the math.

  • reginab

    I’m not surprised. Have you any idea the mileage on the trucks these days? A sedan is a much better choice for us little people. Ford News was crushed on that.

  • anthem blue cross

    What I want is a really small 2 person tricycle with a little gas engine on it that gets 150 miles per gallon.

  • Bryce

    and a 0 star crash test rating to go along with it

  • mathewbrady

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