Chinese Automaker Returns to Detroit With EV Concept Cars

Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., (GAC) will be debuting two concept cars with electric powertrains in Detroit next week.

The company says the WITSTAR and the GA6 GT are both prototypes of extended-range electric vehicles (E-REVs). The WITSTAR will be capable of “round-the-clock automatic driving” with a projected range that could reach 380 miles and a fuel efficiency of more than 110 mpg, according to GAC.

GAC isn’t releasing photos or other technical specs on the cars, leaving details such as battery size and powertrain system up for speculation. Pictured above is the GS5, which GAC debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2013.

The nine-year old company says it’s hoping to establish itself as an international brand and plans to branch out into North American and European markets.

“We will continue to develop alternative energy vehicles with massive investments to benefit human beings,” said Wu Song, general manager GAC Group’s subsidiary of passenger cars.

In the next five years GAC says it will launch more than 20 new models, including both gas engine and alternative energy vehicles. Net profits for 2014 were shaky for GAC, however, mostly due to its joint ventures with Fiat Chrysler and Honda.

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Two years ago, GAC displayed three different alternative-fuel vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show: the Hybrid Trumpchi, NEV E-JET and above-pictured GS5. The all-wheel-drive Hybrid Trumpchi is modeled after the Trumpchi gas engine sedan. The NEV E-JET, an E-REV concept, and the all-electric GS5 SUV were both featured as cars that could morph into robots in the 2014 movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

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