Chimera Energy’s new 'Dry' Fracking Technique

Houston, Texas-based Chimera Energy says it has developed a new Fracking method that doesn’t require water.

Fracking – short for hydraulic fracturing – is the process by which oil and natural gas reserves can be extracted from the ground. So far, it has required high volumes of water, pumped underground via high pressure, to crack open shale, creating fissures that allow gas or oil contained within it to flow freely.

The problem; is that agents added to the water to assist in the Fracking process, such as foaming agents and friction reducers can contaminate ground water supplies.

As a result, despite enabling the extraction of otherwise difficult to obtain energy deposits (significantly reducing the need for importing oil and gas from overseas), Fracking isn’t exactly viewed as an environmentally friendly process.

Chimera Energy says it has gotten around that by exothermic extraction, a process that involves pumping hot gases to fracture the shale, instead of liquid. A combination of metal oxides, pumice and ultra-expansive evaporants are pumped into underground wells. The metal oxides react with each other, resulting in very hot gases, which expand and in the process, crack the shale. The pumice then flows in and reinforces the fractures enabling the oil and gas to flow freely.

First developed for use in polar regions where ultra low temperatures cause water to freeze, rendering it useless for Fracking, Chimera Energy says its new “dry” process is not only environmentally friendly, but can be adapted for use at any well site in the world.

Chimera Energy via Gizmag

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  • MrEnergyCzar

    The Net Energy from fracking, with or without water, is very poor regardless…. The wells peak in just a couple of years as well.


  • Leigh

    Like the “perfect solution” for insulation, fireproofing, siding, etc., —asbestos (when it was first introduced), the “perfect solution” for fracking using metal oxides that produce highly expansive gasses reacting to one another and particulates (pumice) has also been untested for environmental impact ie. escape into the atmosphere or the aquafur. Where is the research that would have prevented side effects of asbestos when it was introduced? Where is the research for this “perfectly safe” fracking?

  • Eric Ryan

    So what happens to the gases/chemicals once they’re in the ground? do they all return? can they be separated and used again? or what? learn more about current techniques at

  • Anonymous

    How do we know the negative comments are from the oil or coal peopl

  • bremmer

    Fracking may not be the safest form of getting energy but it is cleaner and safer than most of the options available. Also most of the flack about frack is wack there is no proof fracking was the cause of many of the things it is being blamed for most of the time the wackos are running with the story before the evidence is in and when it was not the fault of the fracking is proven, it is too late the story is out there already.
    Much of the environmental sabotage is covered up, you can’t trust the science of the environmental scientist because it has been proven that the results have been fixed and or suspect on many issues and the science is more political then scientific. It is all about the study grants.
    I say any one who is against Oil and should be cut off. Stop them from getting these natural resources they are against, cut off their electric, gas and oil take away their cars, computers, Appliances. Send them back to the stone-age before their ignorance’s and arrogance destroys our economy and our way of life and sends us all back to the Stone Age.