Chevy Volt Plant To Be Idled Mid-September to October

Beginning the middle of September and going four weeks into October, General Motors will shut down the Detroit-Hamtramck plant that makes the Chevrolet Volt and Opel/Vauxhall Ampera.

As part of its existing policy to “match supply with demand” for both the Volt line – and Malibu also made at Dham – while Volt demand is up 272 percent since last year, apparently supply is even more than adequate.

GM spokesman Dave Darowitz said a strong August is expected for Volt sales, and the car is in all other respects, “doing great,” however this is the plant’s second shut down this year.

The automaker will also use the time off to retool and otherwise prepare the plant for the manufacture of the redesigned 2014 Chevy Impala.

Once the assembly line restarts, the plant will be in position to begin building preproduction Impalas. At present, the 2013 Impala is made in Oshawa, Ontario and production will continue there through the end of next year’s second quarter.

During the four-week Detroit-Hamtramck shutdown, around 1,200 hourly workers will get unemployment compensation equal to around 90-percent of full pay.


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  • Van

    Anyone worried that the government has the power to fine anyone who makes more than $250,000 a year and does not buy a Volt, $43,000? Any requirement can be asserted under the constitution provided the penalty for non-compliance is considered a tax. Buy health insurance or else. Buy a Volt or else.

  • Steve-the-C

    Hey Van, What are you talking about. Contrary to the insurance company sponsored commercials there are a lot of people who are for the ACA and very happy to see it coming online. I know I am. If you want to go without insurance and mooch off of emergency rooms you’re going to have to pay a tax to do it. Loser!

  • Van

    Hi Steve-the-C, you are right I am a “loser”. I pay taxes, and so part of my taxes were flushed down Solindra, and other kickback ventures.

    Nealyr 50 billion has been poured down the GM funnel, paying off the UAW which destroyed Detroit.

    Lets consider the Volt, a great idea when proposed to hit the market “comfortably under $30,000” or right out the average now days for a new car. But the 2012 total sales figures to be less than 12,000 units, even with a taxpayer funded rebate of $7500.

    Yes, the majority of Americans voted for this administration, and I am one of the millions of losers because of it. Around 14 million of us cannot find a job. Many of those who lost their jobs have lost homes after paying on them for decades.

    If 10 million more folks were employed, maybe several thousand would be buying Volts.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    We pay much more in taxes to fund the military so the oil can safely flow overseas, otherwise gas would be around $14 per gallon… is legally allowed to influence lawmaking decisions. That’s the root issue….


  • Modern Marvel Fan


    Stop being the anti-Volt troll here. I have read most of your comments already. You are totally biased against the Volt for the simple reason that you are against the bailout or Obama…

    Let me clear up some of your lies:

    1. GM bailout was necessary NOT just for the sake of UAW. It saved all the supplier and various service and support networks. Ford would have gone down with GM if GM wasn’t saved as millions of various parts suppliers would gone out of business as well. Sure, bailout was tax payer’s money. But NOT all are lost. GM’s bailout is mostly stocks now which has lost value. But only half of that are lost in today’s value. $25Billion is the tab. That is still FAR less money that what we spend in Iraq to defend our oil interest. That is also less money spent on cleaning up oil mess in the Gulf. As far as tax payer goes, we all pay taxes, you aren’t the only one. I paid over $80k in Federal Taxes alone last year. That is right, it is taxes that I paid, NOT income. That is more than what most American makes each year while 47% of American don’t pay any Federal Income Tax. I am NOT complaining about the bailout. In fact, GM bailout was tiny in comparison with the mortgage bailout that government is handling with Fannie and Freddie.

    2. Volt is about $31k after all the tax credits (NOT rebates as you said). $30k is about the average selling price of the cars today. At that price, Volt is very competitive against just about every hybrid/EV in its class. 12,000 is MORE THAN HALF OF ALL THE PLUGINS SOLD THIS YEAR. So, Volt has sold MORE than all the REST OF THE plugins sold combined. Volt also sold better than 80% of all hybrid and clean diesels out there. All the ones that outsold Volt are all cheaper models. Volt also did better than Prius did in Prius’s first two model year. So, stop your lies.

    3. Sure, economy is NOT good right now. That makes the Volt sales number even more impressive. But stop mixing the Volt sales with politics. Volt concept was out before Obama even stepped into office. GM’s bailout started under TARP which was approved under Bush administration. So, again, stop your lies.

    4. Volt is currently the BEST performing EV under $45k. Only the Tesla S and Karma are faster and better in performance.

    5. As far as your whine about Solyndra goes. Well, it is a loan. Loan has risks. Risks are huge in hi-tec business. Government is currently funnding Trillions in home mortgages that are underwater and potentially in default. You should whine about the Trillions instead of the Millions. Plus, Solyndra was funded with the SAME DOE “green” loans that also funded Tesla ($500million), Nissan ($1.2Billion) and Ford ($5.9Billion). How come you don’t whine about the other 3?

    Do you even drive a car that is designed, built and assembled in America? I seriously doubt it….