Chevy Volt Has Best Sales Month in Over Three Years

The Volt could very well have its best sales year on record if it repeats the performance it saw in November.

A total 2,531 sales were several hundred more than any month this year, and the best on record for more than three years for the extended-range EV which launched as a second generation car October 2015.

Total year to date sales of 21,048 units put it in range of narrowly topping peak sales years of 2012 (23,461 units), and 2013 (23,094 units).

For the past several months the Volt has tracked within a couple hundred units of the 2,000 unit mark. Last month it sold 2,191, and so November’s 2,531 sales – while a small uptick by conventional car sales standards – means the first full year for generation two is in a race against the best years for generation one.

To beat gen one’s best year by just one unit, Chevrolet needs 2,414 Volt sales in December. To exceed 2012’s best year by one unit, and achieve the Volt model’s second-best year on record, Chevrolet needs to sell 2,046 units in December.

Given December tends to be a strong month for plug-in sales because it is closest to the tax reporting season for federal credits to be received, odds are reasonable it could top 2012’s all-time record.

It would be a stretch though, as 2,400-plus sales is a lot for the Volt – with the exception of November’s outlying 2,531, thus far from impossible.

Much more likely is it can at least make 2,046 units needed to beat 2013’s record.

We shall see in one month.

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