Chevy Volt Driver Survives 100-Foot Ravine Drop

On Sunday a driver of a white Chevy Volt in Santa Clarita Valley, Calif. survived a 100-foot plunge down a ravine.

At the bottom of the ravine below a precipice near the intersection of Davenport Road and Summit Knoll Road, firefighters found an unidentified motorist OK, and the car – we have no photo – likely damaged, but intact.

The firefighters had been dispatched at 2:30 p.m., the patient was extricated by paramedics some time not long after this, and no serious injuries were reported.

“The car was still on its wheels,” a California Highway Patrol officer said at 5 p.m. “The motorist was not transported to the hospital.”

How the incident happened and whether drugs, alcohol or excess speed were involved was not reported.

No word either on the actual condition of the Volt, but it did apparently hold up relatively well.

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