Chevy Volt and Cruze to Get New Global Platform For 2015

Rumors have circulated about changes to the Chevy Volt’s battery, range-extending generator and more in recent months, and now it appears by 2015 it will be riding on a new platform.

More than a blogger’s scuttlebutt, this word came first from Automotive News citing Reuters which reports today that several sources say the Cruze platform shared by the Volt will be changed to a global platform in 2014 for the 2015 model year.

Automotive News said GM would not confirm it, but Chevrolet has posted a press release confirming $220 million in retooling for its Lordstown, Ohio plant for the pending redesigned Cruze, while saying also “production timing of the next-generation Cruze will be announced later.”

According to the Reuter’s sources, that timing is as mentioned, the 2015 model year. The new platform is being called D2XX internally at GM, according to the sources.

The Volt is built at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant however, and no word has been given as of yet by GM confirming retooling there, so the absolute definitive word about the 2015 Volt has not therefore been given by its maker.

The D2XX global platform will reportedly combine two compact GM vehicle platforms now in use for sedans and crossovers, so they will share the same underpinnings. The current Volt/Cruze platform was launched in fall of 2010.

Besides the Volt and Cruze, vehicles expected to use the new global platform include the Chevrolet Equinox and Opel Astra. Naturally also, this will affect the diesel Cruze which Chevrolet will introduce from Europe in the second half of 2013.

Sources told Reuters that the pending global platform could eventually underpin nearly 2.5 million GM compact sedans and crossovers worldwide by 2018.

The Cruze is expected to continue being produced at Lordstown through 2019 or 2020 if not longer, a UAW source said.

GM has invested more than $7.3 billion in its U.S. facilities since 2009 and it provides in excess of 5,000 jobs, GM said. Globally, more than 1.6 million Cruzes have been built since 2009, and this is a very important and top-selling model for the automaker.

Automotive News

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  • Volume Van

    Excellent, Volt came in 2010 as MY-2011, so in 4 years, it will be replaced with new model. Pleeeaaase make it like a Wagon/CUV since many Hybrids like Prius V, Prius C, C-Max are going that way to gain more interior volume.

    A V3 tubo engine can do the job. What is very important is higher mileage. Prius Plugin gets 49 MPG in gas.

  • Anonymous

    Now a proud driver of a volt. Love it.

  • Chuck in NJ……

    Corection Van….I DRIVE a Prius PlugIn…..I have to tell u whoever or whatever your sources were the Hybrid end of the PHEV IS a Minumum of 56 Mpg….NEVER less….the vehicle was designed to be LIGHT in and out…..and its RANGE is also 18 miles easily ………that is in Mpge……if I charge after each trip…..I have achieved 165 Mpge…or plainly NO GAS for 35 to 40 days…if you charge less the minimum I have achieved is 102 Mpge…..great vehicle for mostly shorter commutes as well as IF you use 20 % Hybrid and 80 % Electric via the EV/HV button allowing you to pick when EV is being used 100 % its Range is endlessly longer……If you drive one 13-15 miles daily you can use 0 % Gasoline on All Electric with each trip charging…….FYI for all who are trying to save the environment……

  • Modern Marvel Fan

    I hope the Volt gets longer EV range (up to 60miles EPA rated) and slightly larger. More performance wouldn’t hurt either.

    I hope they don’t make it into a “slow wagon” like Prius or C-Max…

    Prius Plugin is the BIGGEST Green SCAM there is. The only way you can stay in EV mode is by driving like an old grandma.

    Volt is the FASTEST EV under $45k. Plenty of Prius Plugin owners paid $40k for their slow car and Volt get $5k more in credits… Silly…

    I guess it works if you love a “slow” green car…

    Only 14 gallon of gas used in my Volt with 3296 miles… And daily commute easily reaching 85mph…. See if any Prius can do that without gas…

  • ACAgal

    Me too!

  • Carney

    When will GM live up to its promise to make the Volt flex fuel, giving drivers a second line of defense, that of ethanol, before having to fall back on gasoline? The Volt was supposed to be E85 compatible from the beginning, then that feature was pushed back to 2013, now it’s down the memory hole.

  • Volt Proud

    Me too. The Volt is an amazing car.

  • Capt. Concernicus

    @ Modern Marvel Fan,

    You need to stop twisting and distorting the information.

    The Volt is a PLUG-IN EV. Just like the plug-in Prius. It’s not a pure EV like the Tesla.

    Also, quit proclaiming that the PLUG-IN EV Volt is fast. 0-60 mph in 9 seconds or 9.2 seconds is NOT fast. It’s BARELY faster than the Prius, which isn’t saying much. There’s so many cars out there that will smoke you off the line, while in motion and at the top end. Plus, the C-Max is already been tested at 8.5 seconds in 0-60 mph runs.

    Proud owner of a Prius and I love it! Way better than the Volt! Better driveablity, quality, reliablity, usability, passenger room, etc.

  • nsb

    Prius. Vs volt
    Driveability… volt is smooth. Quiet. And fun. Sportmode makes it like a rocket. Prius is no fun to drive.
    Quality… volt voted highest in consumer satisfaction in jd powers and consumer reports
    Reliability.. both similar. I dont have to pay for oil changes except for every 2 years because of oil age
    Usability… similar for both
    Passenger room…. Prius can fit five…4 adults and a midget
    Sorry…prius old technology… volt new….volt wins. How can u beat 250 mpg and the most awarded car in history that won both north American and European car of the year.

  • Richard Joash Tan

    The Volt is the best car I’ve ever seen and it is much better than the Prius because I am biased towards the Volt and it beats the Prius in driveability, quality, reliability, etc.

  • davevolt

    One thing that GM doesn’t tell us is that the volt runs just fine on Regular and Mid grade. I took my volt on a long cross country trip, and in many small towns where I stayed the night there was no premium to fill up, only 87 or 89 octane. It ran just fine on 87. What I did notice is that my fuel economy did suffer slightly. I averaged 43MPG (gas) when burning 89 or 91 octane, and it dropped to 39MPG on the 2 tanks of regular. These calculations were made exclusively burning gas. When I factor in teh electric range, which I was able to average 38 miles per change, it went to 47 on premium, and 42 when I had to run in regular. Also I did not notice any performence decrease, nor any engine knock or pinging during the regular run. Not that I would run regular through it all the time, as now that my trip is done, I am running electric 95% of the time, and everyone knows that premium stores better than regular.

  • NewVolt Owner

    Good to know about that the Volt can take the lower Octane. I’ll try it – if I ever use the first tank of gas.

    I’ve had a Volt for two weeks and I’ve got to tell you that it’s the perfect commuter car.

  • Charell

    If the Chevy Volt were Flex Fuel it would be my next car. They told me it would be for 2012 but it didn’t happen.