2009 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

In June 2009, General Motors announced that it will stop making mild hybrid versions of the Chevrolet Malibu. The elimination of its current mild hybrid technology is one more sign that the company is cutting back on programs and technologies that are expensive and unsuccessful—in the same way that it’s reducing unprofitable brands and dealerships.

Compare the Malibu Hybrid!

If you’re thinking about buying a Chevy Malibu Hybrid, you might also consider a Saturn Aura Hybrid or a Toyota Camry Hybrid. Compare these vehicles.

General Motors cited poor sales of the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid as the reason for cutting the car. Company officials said inventory of the Malibu Hybrid is backing up on dealership lots. When the Malibu Hybrid debuted at the 2008 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Chevrolet General Manager Ed Peper said, “The Malibu Hybrid‘s winning package of uncompromising design and fuel economy will help us assert leadership in the midsize sedan segment and meet the needs of Chevy customers.”

The Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid entered the market in 2008 as direct competition to the Toyota Camry Hybrid. The Malibu Hybrid is a stylish five-door mid-size sedan—but as a mild hybrid, the fuel economy compared with the gas-powered Malibu was a very modest 2-mpg jump to 24 in the city and 32 on the highway.

For 2009, the Malibu Hybrid is rated at 26 city and 34 highway—meaning a much healthier 4-mpg boost over the base-level Malibu. The difference in the lowest end MSRP between the two vehicles remains the same. The conventional Malibu starts at $20,745, while the Chevy Malibu Hybrid starts at $24,695. In other words, the cost per mpg improvement was cut in half.

“The hybrid improvement is primarily the result of new battery charging control software that reduces load on the engine, and the hybrid also uses new 17-inch low rolling resistance tires,” GM spokesperson, Nancy Libby, told Hybridcars.com. “They were 16-inch tires in 2008.”

The 2009 Malibu Hybrid continues to fall short of the Camry Hybrid’s EPA rating of 33 in the city, but now matches the Camry’s 34 mpg on the highway. The base level MSRP for the Toyota Camry Hybrid is $26,150—$1,500 higher than the Malibu Hybrid.

Based on GM’s long-wheel based Epsilon platform, the 2009 Malibu Hybrid’s powertrain is defined by a 2.4-liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine and a 36-volt electric starter-motor-generator tied to a nickel metal hydride battery pack. Output stands at 164 horsepower, plenty for a car of its size and weight. Energy is channeled through a smooth-shifting four-speed transmission.

The 2009 Chevrolet Malibu In the Real World

We took the 2009 Malibu Hybrid on a 156-mile loop from Strasburg, Penn., to Washington, DC, and then back north to Towson, Md. The route was comprised of approximately 60 percent highway driving, 25 percent country road, and 15 percent in-town or urban traffic. To inform the driver of how the hybrid system is operating, the Malibu Hybrid offers a simple gauge with an “Eco” indicator and a “power assist” needle.

Our combined fuel economy on this mixed test was 29.8 miles per gallon. For comparison, our mixed driving test of the Toyota Camry Hybrid earlier this month resulted in fuel economy of 35.2 miles per gallon. Based on this cycle, Toyota’s full hybrid had a clear advantage.

The 2009 Malibu Hybrid, like its conventional variant, handles well. It maneuvers nimbly in traffic and responds quickly to driver inputs—even better than the Camry. The Malibu Hybrid’s longer wheelbase lends itself to a comfortable ride, making it a competent car for longer daily commutes. The overall driving comfort of the Camry is hard to beat though.

Consumers might also want to consider that the Malibu Hybrid offers a $1,300 tax credit, which Toyota hybrids no longer carry.

Malibu Hybrid Exterior

The Malibu Hybrid takes on a much sportier and refined look than the previous generation Malibu. There’s a decidedly European influence here.

This four-door has a taut and sophisticated shape and uplevel design cues that rival both the Camry and the Altima. It is not as conservative looking as the Camry, and not as performance-oriented as the Altima. It seems to fall in the middle, but leans to the sporting side. For example, the Malibu’s short rear-deck profile and round taillights loosely echo the iconic Chevrolet Corvette.

Upfront, GM’s new two-tiered grille is flanked by large jeweled headlamps. Its entire front fascia very much resembles that of the Saturn Aura.

Brightwork around the side windows grants the Malibu a premium look that is often seen on more luxurious vehicles. The Malibu rides atop either 16-, 17- or 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid Interior

The Malibu’s cabin has been drastically revised from the previous generation. It now features a two-tone, twin-cockpit theme, with sweeping lines that move across the dash. The interior space is very dramatic and expressive. Consumers may be impressed with the car’s outward show, but will be absolutely floored when they get behind the wheel.

With regards to materials and attention to detail, the Malibu actually comes close to the Camry’s fit and finish. And it far surpasses the Altima, which has a bland interior design and noticeably cheaper materials.

Laminated, sound-deadening “quiet glass” not only keeps exterior noise out of the cabin, but allow for interior sounds to resonate. This means conversations between the front and back seats are much more audible and clear than in most mid-level automobiles. Furthermore, this feature allows occupants to better enjoy the 210-watt sound system.

Seats are comfortable with room enough for five and a 60/40 split folding rear seat which expands trunk space. Premium standards include voice-activated Onstar, and a barrage of six airbags.


“Has certainly earned the ‘Most Improved’ award…”


“The Malibu’s bold, attractive sheetmetal and stylish interior touches are backed by confident handling, a quiet ride and an overall level of refinement competitive with the category’s best.”

Kelley Blue Book

“This slight increase in efficiency just doesn’t warrant the extra cost…”



  • Quiet ride
  • Cost advantage over hybrid competition, especially with $1,300 tax credit
  • Great design work inside and out
  • Hybrid version's handling not as dynamic as conventional model
  • Transition from gas to electric comes with vibration
  • Mild hybrid; mileage improvement not dramatic

Price quote for Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

2009 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid
Base MSRP: $22,800
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  • indigo

    Well, a 5 HP boost isn’t going to get you much. If they sold BAS for around $800, it would be worth it.

  • ex-EV1 driver

    You want to prove that no one will pay extra for a hybrid. Now you’ve built a vehicle that should do that job nicely. You blew it with the EV1 (people DID want it), I guess you aren’t going to make that mistake again.

  • AAT

    I get the GM employee discount and have since 1975. My last 3 car purchases were 2 Civics and a Saturn ION. The ION is garbage. The Civics are jewels. I was praying for a full hybrid for the new Malibu,for the Aura & the Astra but I am still waiting. GM could also have a diesel option along with a full hybrid option. Are the deciders at GM idiots?

  • nwa

    sons of b@#%%$ still want people to buy gas instead of at other options ,yeah like diesel,natural gas or even hydrogen

  • mark

    please remember its at idle where gas is saved and no mpg numbers are going to represent the energy savings to urban drivers with real hybrids.

  • AirplanePilot

    C’mon GM. You have the technology for a full hybrid, arriving on the Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon SUVs this autumn. Why can’t you put it on smaller cars?

  • Jerry

    Auto restart does not equal hybrid. There should eb a law that auto restart is ntoa hybrid. Unfortunately this gives real hyrids a black eye.

  • Ronald

    It looks that GM still hasnt learn. Its sad that we have to buy Products from other countries, Hopefully Tesla will make a difference and change the way we look at america company cars.

  • liz

    won’t american car makers ever get the point? Why do you think they’re loosing so much money right now? they are going with how much money they can make in getting people to buy gas guzzlers, but they don’t get that people want real hybrids that will save them some money!

  • Ray

    The hybrid comes with full climate control, otherwise only available on the more expensive LTZ version. That probably still not enough to sway anyone.

  • Odessa

    What a joke! The feds should fine GM for such a poor hybrid that really is a joke!

  • Junie

    Hey, could y’all send me a car, too, like that last guy? I need it for, um, research. Yeah, research. And quickly, too, because I need to get that research done. Thanks!

  • Kyle

    MPG’s are important, but so is turning ratio and resale value.
    That’s why there are so many
    Camry’s (at least where I live)
    While Chevy’s are built in Canada and Ford is showing a larger footprint in Mexico, the Camry is built in the U.S.

  • greg

    The only joke here is not GM its Toyota.

    The Prius is a total PR event.

    I ran the numbers to buy a Toyota Prius you have to waste so much in producing it that you destroy the environment.

    Also it saves you aprox 2k in gass over 10-20 years but the battery pack cost you 3k in 8 years to replace.

    So basically not only is the Toyota Prius a total waste of money. Its bad for the enviroment, bad for the us ecomoney and its totaly unsafe in crash tests.

    Trust me I rather be in a GM than a toyota anyday. I was just in a large auto acident and took the back righ off a toyota.

    Toyota cars are totaly unsafe.

    People get with it one day in the emergency room is not going to pay for the savings in gas.

    When I see people buying foreign Toyotas and Prius I think how stupid they can really be?

    Just to be in style?

  • Slim

    Ok Greg……
    The Toyota Camry Hybrid is a great car (I own one). I get 39 mpg and I have 7 airbags. It’s a very safe car and the build quality is outstanding. It is also made in America by Americans. Most GM cars are made in Mexico. GM is screwing the American worker over to save money and they’re still losing millions. GM is the joke here.

  • Sllim


    GM cars are made in Mexico and Canada.

  • Mike

    Hey Greg how long you been hiding/working at GM. The Batteries are recyclable, Pollution is not. Everyone I know who owns one, loves their Prius’s and Camry’s. Only Rush Limbaugh and car dealers who don’t have hybrids dis them. I’m not paying with our soldiers blood for arab oil. Biodiesel, hybrids and hydrogen are the way to go.

  • brotha from anotha motha

    if it has “only” a 2 mpg increase…thats not much…but just think of how much emissions taht is saving us.

  • susanna

    I drive a Corvette with a V8 pushing 435 horseys under the hood. I get a piddly 17 mpg city, can push 22 highway, and have a hell of alot more fun when in it that any hybrid driver will ever have. Yes. It’s true I am a fossil fuel burning beyotch that will be dead and gone before a hybrid saves the world and miraculously repairs the ozone. I’m going to hell when I die, but I’m looking good now…

  • Lexus400h

    “Its EPA highway rating is 28 mpg; however, several auto publications reported trip mileage more in line with 22 mpg.”

    Sorry, that was written about the Lexus Hybrid, but no one commented…

  • 323iT

    Here’s yet another scam people will use to get on HOV lanes in Virginia and other states, just because it’s a “hybrid” that’s allowed by law — never mind that zillions of cars on the road get better than 24mpg city but aren’t “hybrid” and therefore don’t get the HOV pass. Somebody driving a $12,000 standard gas Civic getting 26mpg city is barred from the HOV lanes, but his/her neighbor with a $60,000 fat-tired 22mpg Lexus RX450h “hybrid” gets an HOV pass. Scandalous.

  • kc KID

    The Malibu is built in Kansas City. I thought Kansas City was in the geographic center of the United States but this crowd tells me it is in Canada and Mexico. I gotta update my GPS.

  • Shines

    What vehicle has the highest owner satisfaction of any car sold in the US (yes higher than Vettes)? Toyota Prius! and what has the lowest? Chevy Aveo. I suspect that the Malibu Hybrid is a decent car. But saying the Prius owners have to replace the battery in 8 years is as bad, compared to what? replacing the whole Chevy?! no wonder GM is losing…

  • steve

    GM Hybrids are a joke, they are not serious about making a fuel saving car. Buy a Toyota screw GM, they have been screwing the American people for years. When will we all learn that GM is history and good riddance, they are of no use to anyone.

  • budman

    i personally put over 180000 miles on a ford taurus and over 200000 miles on a chevy blazer and sold them running condition.i dont and wont buy an asian product. the new malibu is an awesome vehicle and i dare any toyota or honda owner to test drive one.of course everybody has there own opinion but if you dont try one you wont have an educated opinion.

  • Brandy

    My friend kelli happens to have a Malibu and is only recieveing a 17mpg at the moment. And to hear that if you get a hybrid you will only get a 2 more mph is pretty bad. And i own a Toyota Prius and on the freeway i usually get about 60mpg if not more depending on the traffic and to hear people saying bad things about it is sad because they dont own one and dont understand how much money it does save and how affordable it really is. Its to bad that our country cannot seem to make a better car. That people want and need and thats affordable. I am 18 and i already know what to get and what not go get. We own all toyotas one chevy and… sadly it gets horrible gas mileage and we do not drive it. It breaks down all the time and just seems to waste us money. If anyone wants to get a car they should get a Toyota. We have a Camry Prius and have owed a corolla. They are all great cars. even if its not a hybrid it has better milage than this piece of crap. thank you. =)

  • Nunya

    And your point is…?

  • nunya

    Same here bud! I’m just too lazy to put all that.

  • capt

    Guess I don’t understand why my 2005 Malibu with aa 2.5 liter v-6 gets 32 to 33mpg (according to the onboard mpg calculator) and averages around 27mpg in town is better than the current 2007 Malibu including the new hybrid. What gives at GM? You did better two years ago. I have 16 inch Al wheels, ABS, etc. Great car and the seats and ride are great.

  • Engineer

    “Guess I don’t understand why my 2005 Malibu with aa 2.5 liter v-6 gets 32 to 33mpg (according to the onboard mpg calculator) and averages around 27mpg in town is better than the current 2007 Malibu including the new hybrid.”

    You get better mileage because your driving habits allow you to acheive better mileage. The 2005 malibu had an EPA rating of 24/31. The EPA came up with a new system for rating vehicles, starting with the 2007 model year. This new system is largely known to be significantly more strict then the older rating system. If the 2007 Malibu was rated under this system the base would be around 24/32 and the hybrid would be around 27/35. Therefore, if you were to actually drive this vehicle you would see real world performance that exceedes your 2005.

  • GM Dealer

    That last comment is correct. The EPA system has changed and the new Malibu is the most fuel efficient 4 cyl ever produced by GM. All of you are comparing its EPA with that of the foriegn POC you bought two years ago under the old system. A new 4 cyl Camry has an EPA of 21/31. True their hybrids have an incredible EPA of 33/34, but at what cost. The Malibu is only supposed to be a mild hybrid to make it affordable to more buyers. It’s MSRP is around $21,000. How much did you pay for yours and how much will the repair costs be?

  • John

    Are You Real???
    The worlds most reliable, safest and forward looking car company is TOYOTA and they will be the only one left when all is said and done.
    Go back to work, your GM coffee break is OVER!

  • Stan Smart

    My 2005 Honda Accord is being discontinued because of poor sales … YET … after 2 1/2 years and NO PROBLEMS (32,000 miles). It still runs great. Actual mileage = 30.1 city/ highway.

    It’s obvious GM doesn’t want gas-electric to succeed. They’d rather advertise vehicles they don’t even manufacture yet (Chevy Volt and hydrogen cars).

    Very discouraging!

  • Van

    There are two very nice looking cars. And the Malibu costs $22,790, whereas the Camry costs around $26,000. So you can drive a Camry for only $3000 more, and get about 33 MPG vice 27 MPG overall. And then in 5 years, you can sell your Camry for $3000 more than the Malibu and smile all the way to the bank.

  • Neil

    It is a mistake to hybridize existing models, like the Malibu. This is because people get hung-up on justifying the cost difference between the hybrid and non-hybrid models. Oddly enough, most car purchases are emotional, not purely financial. A good example would be paying extra for metallic paint or a sunroof – these things do not save any $$, yet no one questions their costs. With this being said, the hybrid Malibu is sad compared to its non-hybrid counterpart. I am not sure if GM is really this pathetic or if it is all part of a game to “prove” that hybrid technology just won’t work. Of course we know it does.

    As far as making hybridized versions of standard ICE auto models, Toyota figured out not to do this long ago by making the hybrid-dedicated Prius and is now selling them like hotcakes. It looks like Honda has gotten wise to this situation too – their next intended hybrids will both be dedicated models (Global Small Hybrid sedan and CRZ hatchback), which should stop the unneccessary comparisons.

    It is time to move on with all this bickering. Hybrids ultimately will help everyone especially as petroleum becomes more expensive.


  • PW

    I can’t believe GM tries to classify this Malibu as a hybrid. Wow,I want to spend an extra $1800 to get a 2 mpg increase. GM must stand for “General Morons”

  • ColoradoFats

    I recently purchased a 2008 Camry Hybrid. It’s the 3rd addition to my garage. My two other cars are a ’00 Tahoe and a ’99 Jeep. I have over 150k miles on both the Tahoe and Jeep. I have spent tons of cabbage on the “American cars”, with repairs and gas. I’m convinced that the Camry Hybrid was a GREAT PURCHASE!

  • stephen

    If GM was not so pathetic it would be funny. how they play the American public just amazes me, and people still buy their B.S. Last year at the auto show GM’s line up of vehicles was terrible. None of the line up of product was innovative just rehash of the same old crap. The best part of the show was when Wagoner was asked why the the vehicles at the show all had poor mileage,and with the price of gas at $3.00, would he have trouble selling them in todays high priced fuel climate. his answer was “I feel just as the public got used to gas at $2.00 they will get used to it at $3 or $4 a gallon”. This type of thinking is why I will never by GM again. I now have a Prius Hybrid and I am very happy with it. Wagoner should be fired!!!

  • Patrick

    I bought a Camry 3 months ago. It runs great! It has more horse power than the Mercedes E260 that I had been driven for 9 years and it uses less gas than my Corolla.

  • alibabble

    I own a 1989 Honda CRX with over 200k miles and it’s still running strong. It consistently gets over 40 MPG, easily. This is for a car that is over 20 years old.

    It’s not for lack of smarts or know-how, but it is sad indictment that in the past 20+ years no automobile manufacture selling cars in the US has *significantly* improved performance (MPGs, fun-factors, power, etc) and succeeded in breaking the strangle hold of Big Oil.

    I will continue to drive my 20+ year old CRX until there is truly a viable alternative. It’s easy to fix, fun to drive and it parks anywhere.

  • Gerald Shields

    Until you get it over 35MPG.

  • DAVE


  • Rick

    I think a little more respect is due Toyota. They have made huge investments in North America for vehicle production while at the same time GM, Ford and Chrysler seem to take every opportunity to move to Mexico, China and other low labor cost areas and for the plants remaining in the USA they put in two teir wage systems so new people coming in are paid a fraction of what “old” union members are paid. For what it’s worth, I believe an assembly line worker at Toyotas Georgetown plant (make camary) get $25/hour plus good benefits.

    Regarding reliability. I have a 2 1/2 year old prius. Just turned 90,000 miles. Absolutley no problems. All I have done is changed the oil every 5000 miles and tires at 60,000. Still have the original brakes and typically get 45 mpg. Love it.


  • robert

    It’s no secret that American and foreign auto makers out source parts from different countries. Other than an American name, there really is no such thing as a true american auto maker. Not that is makes a difference. Green house gas emissions and pollution are not particularily patriotic to any particular state.

    I guess my point is America, the logical way to buy a car, if you give a damn at all about what life for your grand kids will be like, is to seriously consider the emissions and gas/oil issues.

    I don’t consider myself a tree hugger. In fact, I’m active U.S. military and have deployed to OIF and OEF. I’m all for buying American but not at the expense of excess waste and consumption. Time for a change in thinking folks. Our choices in what we choose to drive has direct consequences on the future of this nation and planet. Stop shirking responsibilities assuming the next generation will fix it.

    I have no doubt that GM has what it takes to build a fuel efficient and stylish hybrid car. But GM is a prime example of capitalism and they wont touch it until they find a way to maiximize profit. Sad.

    If the American customer buys foreign hybrids, the short term affect will be losses for GM. Oh, wait a minute, thats already happening. Buy foreign hybrids and that will force American car companies to get on board.

    I know this kind of logic sounds like blasphemy for many Americans but in the long run, it helps Americans. Perhaps you and I won’t reap the benefits but hopefully our kids and grandkids will.

    Consider your future car purchase another extention of your right to vote. And consider your sacrifcing car style and horsepower as your role in fighting the war on terrorism.

    Think about it.

  • just a 15 year old

    hey if its helping out the world, even just a little bit, why not?

  • Randy

    Didn’t GM make an electric car in the 90’s that got good range on battery’s? Now they can’t build a hybrid that get better that 2 miles per gallen more? Of course this is the company that dumped the EV and built the Hummer. Ok be American and buy American, I believe that would be Toyota.

  • ??????

    They have 8 models that are fuel efficient, and are good for the enviorment! PPL are all hypocrites! They bad mouth GM For the cars they make, which are way better in quality than any other car make out there, and GM is the best in sales nation wide, Gm gives you what you want and you still have the gall to talk all this nonsense. The only good that comes from fuel efficincy and the hybrid is the money you save, this worlds environment has already gone to hell, all the times we send a rocket to outer space or fly a plane, or throw away the garbage or take a shower you are screwing over the envirinment! If not here than in some other country somewhere else! All the bombs dropped and weapons fired has screwed up our environment, does that mean that when we go to war we’ll stop throwing bombs or some way develop less radiation and fume emission when it detonates, no! So what is the issue with cars? Leave our transportation alone! If I’m going to buy a car, I’d rather have comfort, luxury, dependability, and longeveity, which would be GM, not toyota, hondas , or any other car make, if you want a cheap car that will take you from point A to point B than toyota is the jalopy you would need!

  • ?????

    And……. Toyota is not a reliable car my frind just bought the piece of crap a year ago and had to replace the whole computer mind you, it was a brand new car! GM cars have the most market value, my family we all own Gm cars whether its a chevy, cadillac, pontiac, oldsmobile or buick, and we’ve owned them for about 10+ years, like the 1996 pontiac grand prix which still looks great and drives even better, while 1996 toyota will be rusting with 1000 things wrong with it!

  • Ted

    I own a Camry Hybrid. I consistently get between 36 and 38 mpg average per tank. (Averaged over the whole tank of fuel.) This is slightly better than the ratings.

    I think that one main difference between GM and Toyota’s approach to designing a hybrid is the ratio of electric to internal combustion horsepower. Right now I believe the Prius might have the highest percentage of horsepower coming from electric. This means the car can actually run off electric power alone for significant periods of time. I think a good way to differentiate how effective a hybrid car is likely to be is to examine the ratio of horespower. (Example: 60/40% )

    The Chevy is probably much more modest… Like 90/10%. This means the Chevy is likely to perform closer to the all gas models. But hybrid cars are not just about better milage. They also have much lower emissions. Cars put out a majority of their emissions at idle and accelerating away from a stop. Hybrids eliminate idle and the electric motor is used to accelerate allowing far lower emissions. So GM’s Malibu may not get the best milage… But at least it is contributing significantly in lowering emissions. And the Malibu is offered at a significantly lower price point for people who might not be able to afford the Camry or Prius.

    And lastly… Let’s not forget that Toyota has a death grip on hybrid patents. This has made it very difficult for any other manufacturer to produce a highly effective hybrid alternative. For example: The Ford Escape and the Nissan Altima hybrids are using drive trains designed by Toyota because it was economically impossible to design an alternative drive train with the current patent restrictions placed on the industry by Toyota.

    If Toyota REALLY cared about improving the environment they could stop enforcement of their patents and allow other manufacturers to use the same technologies on their cars… FOR FREE. But that’s not going to happen.

  • Harold

    Leave GM alone? How about some constructive criticism. According to JD Powers Lexus has the lowest repair rate. (That’s Toyota.) In all fairness Mercury, Buick and Cadillac came in 2,3 and 4… Followed by Toyota at #5.

    I am not saying that JD powers is the final word… But it’s better than ranting about my friend’s broken car…

    I think that GM does need to focus more attention on fuel efficiency and product fit & finish. Compared to Honda, Toyota, Nissan and many others… The fit & finish on many american cars is sub standard. The feel and look of the interiors just seem dated and cheap in comparison.

    I had a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix… It was a nice car but the interior looked like a rubbermaid trash bin. (And it was made form the same materials too.)

    My current Toyota may be made from the same plastic… But it looks and feels much more substantial. There are no rattles & squeeks like the Pontiac had form day 1. The toyota is just put together tighter & better. (In my oppinion.)

    So there… I have owned several american cars. And I have owned a few Japanese cars too. I have to say in each case the Japanese models seem to last longer with fewer problems and the interiors hold up better too.

    If GM wants to survive in the automotive market… They need to build more fuel efficient models… And get some new people working in their interior design center. (Heck… Kia interiors look better than GM’s.)

  • Pat

    I guess I will get the Prius since it is the only ECONOMIC HYBRID. I drive 20K a year.

  • Anonymous

    I drive a jetta tdi (diesel) that gets an average of 50-55 mpg and is cheaper than a hybrid. The best part is you never have to worry about changing those batteries, even if it is only every 6 or 7 years (imagine how much pollution disposing of all those batteries on a prius must cause)

  • PurplePearl

    If you run the real numbers (not provided by either Toyota or George Will’s poorly-researched article, you will find that the Prius does truly get better gas mileage than a comparable gas vehicle. You will also find that it has better than average acceleration because of the instant torque that comes naturally from an electric engine- and better than average power because of the boost from a gas engine. (Al Gore’s son was caught driving his Prius over 100 mph- a speed the Prius will happily maintain for several hours without overheating or running out of gas.)

    2k of gas at a low $3/gallon is still $6,000 in savings. Your figure of 2,000 gallons of gas saved is based on 100,000 miles driven, not 10-20 years.

    The battery pack is fully covered for 10 years. That equals free, not 3k. Life expectency on the battery pack is 180,000 miles minimum.

    There are so many reports that prove that the Prius is good for the environment that I will allow you the benefit of researching this yourself. There is one report, quoted by George Will and widely ridiculed by all other researchers, that claims that the Prius is bad for the environment. The CNW Marketing study used fudged numbers and other trickery to achieve false results.

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Gives the Prius its highest crash safety rating in all categories. MSNBC gives the Prius 4 or 5 of 5 stars in all categories. The fact that you “took the back off of a Toyota” only implies that you were driving poorly, perhaps dangerously. If the occupants of the Toyota were able to survive your recklessness, then the car was safe- you were not.

    Keep your GM, it will never rank as highly in customer satisfaction as a Toyota Prius. Maybe you can use it’s gas-guzzling size to cover some other shortcomings.

    The joke seems to be that Toyota is number one in production and profitability worldwide and will become number one in the US by next year. GM will fall to number two even in the US.

    So, I guess the moral of the story is, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove that you are a fool.

  • Smarter than U

    who the fuck is going to race with this chevy???? hp doesnt matter u dumb fuck

  • chuck

    That is why GM lost $38.7 billion?

  • Jim Marshall

    Think of things this way. The Hybrid system improves mileage 10%. That is something. You also qualify for a $1,300 tax credit (Toyota usually runs out of its allotment of Hybrid deductions because they sell so many Priuses). This brings Hybrid technology at a much more affordable price than the Camry Hybrid (I use the Camry because it is a comparably sized car). This means that the cost of purchasing a Malibu hybrid will always be at least $3,000 (and usually $4,300) less than a Camry Hybrid. Toyota states that its mileage is 33/34. The Malibu is 24/32. If you’re doing mostly highway driving, the difference in negligible. Driving 7,500 highway miles and 7,500 city miles a year with gas a $3 per gallon, your will save $297.06 per year with the Camry. It will take at least 10 years to recoup the cost. If the GM owner gets the tax credit and the Toyota driver doesn’t then you are looking at 14+ years to break even.

    Let’s say that you invest your savings in a solar panel, or other ways to decrease your energy use on your house by buying more efficient appliances or better insulation, then this could truly be the a better approach.

    My last observation is that any movement in the right direction is positive. Think of it this way: GM is heading in Toyota’s direction.

  • Truth seeker

    The wife and I test rode a 06,and a 08 civic Hybrid as well as an 07 prius. After that we test rode a a 08 Malibu. The first 2 are glorified wheel barrels that will not save you anything in the long run. Don’t screw yourself buy a real car.

  • chizy

    GM stated that they would focus a full hybrid technology on larger trucks and SUVs, emphasizing a lower cost mild hybrid system. Malibu Hybrid will be cheaper, and also less efficient. I just don’t expect a dual mode hybrid in Malibu.. Though I think its hot and thus going
    to be a hybrid version that increases fuel economy. Also equipped with a precision motor/general unit replaces the conventional alternator, innovative power electronics, a more improvised

    You think the 2 miles is unreal?? I have a 2005 Mailbu that averages over 35 miles to the gallon. How come new one is worse than the old one??? Why are we going backwards and being told it’s a good thing!?!?!?

    LOL I have to type “n aggression” as the spam guard password below. Now, that is really funny

  • tracy

    I would love an EV1. When will they bring that back?

  • cdp

    Yes, i would love for the EV1 or ANYTHING like it to be available for PURCHASE.

    but alas, we will never see the day.
    Not till the government’s give up and tell the ‘companies’, to stop playing games.

    Consumers should keep holding out till the car companies provide what we all want Need… if you neeed something now Buy a used car… who cares if its worse for the environment.

    If ALL the car companies, and i mean all companies and models across the board, don’t make enough sales a loose 100’s of Millions they will KNOW why.

    America, Asian, or Europian… they are all the same. People need to get off their FAN BOY Attitudes, and realize this.

  • Jason
  • A Prius Owner

    We own a Prius for about a year and just love the feel of driving it as well as the gas savings. We are frustrated with the American car manufacturer’s that just don’t listen to what we want in our cars. We are interested in a hybrid family sedan to replace our van with GREAT millege and safety features. I looked into the Mailbu and it does not come close so I guess it’s Toyata again. What’s up Mailbu – why do you think that full hybrids only belong in SUV’s? Why wouldn’t mid-size car buyers want the full benifit of hybrids?

    AND, why did you get rid of the EV1’s? You must of had a close relationship to the oil companies to ignore what the people wanted. Short term gain for long term losses. It’s sad and the world will suffer from these choices.

  • Brian23

    I rented a prius once. I didn’t ask for it. It was simply the car that was left on the lot at Newark. My feeling at the time was that hybrids were a poor compromise. While the prius isn’t my kind of car at all, it did what was supposed to do very well. The technology worked flawlessly. The ride was sluggish and boxy, but I really can’t complain. It was a solid econo-box. With that one ride, my view is now that all cars should be hybrid. Sports cars, trucks, sedans, everything could benefit from that technology. I returned the car after a week. The gas gauge was still on full. GM is not moving fast enough in this area when they could be leading. Its not that I’m that green. Its not that I would save that much gas. It is simply a better technology. I’ll be first in line to buy a real $25k American electric or hybrid that is fun to drive. I’d do it today. I don’t get the impression that will happen. The business men at US car companies aren’t gear-heads. They are just businessmen doing what their shareholders tell them to do. They have forgotten what perspective made their companies great. Cars are about transportation, freedom, style, power and fun. Cars are not about shareholders.

  • Doug

    Everyone obviously looks to the Hybrid cars as a source of money savings as well as enviromentally friendly. I honestly feel the automotive industry (import or domestic) has been dragging its feet for 60 years! The internal combution engine hasn’t gone through significant changes to really address the problems faced today. Yeah we have more aerodynamic cars and trucks but we need something new. We need another inovation to restore peoples confidence in car buying. Really, how is it that my 1994 GrandAm v-6 can get 30mpg hwy and these 2008 cars struggle to get better with a 4cylinder engine? Theres no point in replacing my 14 year old car! Is the Automotive Industry really lacking educated/knowledgeable people that can think outside the box? Geez…….

  • wisconsindealer

    actually…most of you have been misinformed. i’m a chevy and nissan dealer in wisconsin, and will tell you i’ll prefer the chevy’s in build quality over any brand (MOST chevy’s are actually built in tennessee or louisiana, USA, SOME are built in canada and mexico, and only the Aveo is still mostly built in Japan).

    most of you don’t actually understand the different types of hybrids i see…

    toyota/honda’s have a one-stage hybrid, where they’re the most efficient at in-town driving, once they go highway they actually become less efficient. whereas the gm two-mode hybrids (08 tahoe/gmc yukon and malibu) have equally efficient in-town and highway driving.

    but what you need to understand, is that the GM hybrids are saving all their economy in idle mode, stopping and starting your vehicle, not JUST driving. which you won’t see labeled in any epa stickers.

    all in all, the GM technology is newer, more reliable, and just as efficient if not more than the single-stage toyota/honda technology. the facts are more complicated and detailed than you’ll find in any single bias articles online.

  • wisconsindealer

    and i also assure you, from what i’m seeing backstage at GM, they are working towards better fuel economy for us, and honestly are doing their part in future technologies to eventually be “Gas-Free”.

    note: hummer hygrogen h2, chevy equinox fuel-cell, chevy volt (ev1 electric replacement), flex-fuel e-85 (current 08 models silverado, impala, suburban, tahoe, avalanche etc).

    i’ve heard gm reps talk about like 6 different prototype vehicles being tested right now for this future technology… keep in mind, it takes time to make sure new tech works, keeps up, and what kind of costs and efficiency you’re really talking about when it comes to long-term ownership of the vehicle. I know it sucks, but it takes TIME.

    we arent’ in a earth “crisis” yet like everyone thinks it is. but i agree, we need to stop the need for oil.

  • JOE



  • USA All The Way

    I have to laugh at all the claims that it is GM’s lack of ability, intelligence or worshiping at the alter of BIG OIL, that causes it to produce the vehicles it does. Look at their history and their financial woes today. What do you see? The effect of UNIONS–inefficient, money grabbing, entitlement based UNIONS. GM can’t be innovative because of all the protections built into their contracts with the UNIONS. Anything other than out and out plant closure that would jeopardize a union worker’s job, is nixed in the contracts.

    Innovation inevitably creates a shifit in employee required skills, and those unable to adjust, find themselves on the outside looking in. But not so at GM, they have to keep the jobs that fit the workers. They can’t keep the workers that fit the job.

    Don’t get me wrong, I beileve everyone should be able to earn a comfotable living wage, but they should earn it, not be entitled to it because they pay union dues to fat cats who do NOTHING for them, except to ensure that the company they work for will eventually go out of business.

    Asian companies, even those with plants in the US, don’t deal with the same union regulations and historical commitments GM and Ford have to contend with. That’s the real difference. Ask a Toyota employee in the US, what s/he gets after retirement from Toyota and then compare it to a US/Canada/Mexico GM employee what s/he gets. You’ll be amazed at the long term overhead that GM has to deal with.

    Do I want better mileage, and alternative energy transportation? Absolutely! But it won’t come by selling our independence to the Asians instead of the Arabs. Get a clue and work to solve the real foundational problems. Unions have killed innovative manufactuing in this country, just as politicians have killed the incentive for many americans to work for a living. Go ahead and buy your Camrys and Prius’, but when you have to start doing it in yen, rather than dollars, don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • diys

    I build the Toyota Camerys in kentucky, and l’ll tell you this, l’ll bet G.M. treats their employees much better than Toyota does. They work us to the bone. We are hurting and when we complain about how much pain our bodies are in from being overworked, they fire us.. Ever wonder why Toyota workers don’t buy Toyota’s??

  • Anonymous


  • AmericanSoldier

    I’m glad to see GM has developed their own technology and that it is more efficient on highways instead of in cities. The fact is there are more Chevy dealerships in small towns across America than there are Toyota/Honda/Nissan dealerships. Most Japanese automakers market their vehicles for city/suburban people not “I-live-in-the-sticks,” barnyard, I have to travel 30 miles to the grocery store people. The Prius wouldn’t do well in WaKeeney, Kansas as opposed to Chicago. Japanese companies market their cars for certain environments and certain people. I live in Texas in a town that has 1 Honda dealership but 4 GM (2 Chevy, 1 GMC, 1 Saturn). To get to the next Honda dealership I would have to drive 1.5 hours. Chevy uses patriotism to its advantage and markets to small town America. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan don’t have to, they are in larger markets with diverse populations. I own a 08 Nissan Versa HB and I had to drive 30 mins to the dealership in the next closest town to get it. Needless to say, if I wasn’t in the military I definitely wouldn’t live here. I’m a city boy and I like city life. You don’t see trucks in the city (unless you live in TX), besides dump trucks and construction trucks. Most people drive crossover vehicles now in the city, there is no need for v8 engines that get 8 – 10 mpg. My next car will be a full hybrid, probably from Toyota, Honda, or Nissan… maybe even Ford. GM doesn’t make cars for people like me. They are playing catch up to get to where the Japanese companies are.

    And for those of you who think Japanese vehicles dominating here is bad, I was stationed in Japan and they think that a Yukon is a luxury vehicle. Yukons are made in North America and sold there marked up drastically. At least Japanese companies aren’t raping our pockets in the States. Also in Europe, American cars sale well. So you guys should quit your bitching, we are just living in an era of global economy proliferation.

  • BD

    The ad for this car states that it is “Good for the environment” Forgive me for being a stickler about this. But how is a car, any car “good for the environment”? It’s a ridiculous ad campaign jumping on a lucrative bandwagon painted green and emitting all kinds of wastes from manufacturing to end use. “Good for the environment” must mean negative impact, not just slightly less impact than the competitor. Simply saying it is, does not make it so.

  • blkman0072

    Everyone has thier ideas about Gm and Toyota. Lets just say that in the world they Are #1 and #2. I beleive last year Gm just beat Toyota, and it wasnt by much. GM has lost a lot of money because they had to ,” clean up” so to speak. The Malibu is made here in the U.S. I know for sure because I’ve got at 06 out the front door and have seen the ” Tick” on it. Whats a ” Tick”? Its what a brother from the union puts on the car to tell you that Union labor made it. Yes I work for a Union. I do work hardfor my money also, So the comment about now working for it is wrong.

    I drove a honda Civic for over 10 years. It was a great car! Then I got my Malibu, 33k in one year and all i have done is change the oil. So when you people are out bashing GM remember all cars have issues even Toyota. Prius is a great car but From what I have seen I cant take paying a 10k mark up. Yes and if you dont someone will. That’s what I got from a Dealer when I went to look at one with my lady. So you were talking about money saved, was the mark up included.

    Yeah Gm cars dont have the refinement that Toyota does but they are making ground. Lets put in some Buzz words: Caddie CTS,chevy Malibu, and Pontiac G8! Those ae quality looking cars inside and out. People talk bout build quality? How many cars from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that are GM are still rolling around. What about ford? I havent seen anyone talk about the Toyota recalls that have been going on? What about honda? when it comes to who builds a better car- none of them do! Cause reallyeveryone drives totally Different. Soem people just drive their cars, how many people in here besides gas and wiper fluid know how to and do check their fluids. That can be a reason why some people have car problems. Like my lady said to me one day,” I just drive it, why do I have to check the fluid.”

    Lets be real with ourselves. Did you know that actually Buick has the highest customer rating? Your saying who buys buicks? Well in a yeah I will. How many cars can fit 7. Go drive some american cars then see what you think. To the guy that works at toyota- Your rite and when I was overseas playing around I also say that american cars were loved and even a Benz was crap- yeah all the benz’s were used as cabs cause it was cheap to get rid of them after a few yrs then buy an american car that ran a long time.

  • Rolly

    Am I missing something? How is this a hybrid? As I read it it just turns of the motor when you stop and then starts up again when you put your foot on the accelerator – like a golf cart. does it run on an electric motor at all? If it doesn’t then it shouldn’t be called any kind of hybrid.

  • Former Grand Prix Owner

    I purchased a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP in 2004 and drove it for 3 years. It had wonderful power, lots of features, a good look, and a fairly nice interior; when I test drove that car I fell in love (mind you I was 18 at the time). Once I started driving it for some time it was nothing but one problem after another and discovering the absolutely terrible engineering that designed the car. It only had 55k miles on it. By 65k the rear window motors had completely failed and had to be replaced. The stereo LCD stopped working (interestingly enough, it would come back on for a few minutes at a time about once every 4 months for the length of time I had it). I had to take the car into the shop due to a recall on a bearing that was designed improperly. The HUD (heads up display, displays information on the windshield so you can still keep your eyes on the road) stopped showing up. To replace the whole display would be 400 dollars, but I found out on the internet how to fix the problem. The soldering job on the circuit board of the display was faulty on all of them, and all that needed to be done was to take it out and re solder the board at one point. I did just that and it worked perfectly ever since.

    The headlamps are sent out of the factory without the glue for the lenses drying properly, allowing moisture to get into them causing constant hazing of the front lenses. At 80k miles the front left headlamp lens just fell off while I was driving (there was absolutely no accident) and it was 150 dollars to replace the whole assembly. At around 90k the stereo would crackle briefly every time the volume as changed. Traction control would activate almost a whole second after traction had been completely lost (as a comparison, my Prius’ traction control comes on if it THINKS I might lose traction). At about 90k I knew transmission problems were beginning, but the mechanics could not pinpoint the problem. After researching potential problems I had discovered that one of the solenoids in the transmission was (yet again) designed improperly and sediment would settle inside it, causing pressure malfunctions in the fluid inside the transmission. I took it into the shop after I discovered this (at 110k miles) and they checked the computer; that was definitely the problem. Dropped 1k into it and it ran a little better, for about a week. The problems quickly returned, and I discovered I had completely lost 3rd gear. I cleaned it up as best I could, took it into the shop for a formal inspection (i knew the answer, the transmission was completely shot) and was told that I had lost 3rd gear and there was a hydrolic problem; it would take 500 dollars just to figure out what the problem was. Over the next few days I traded in the car and purchased a 2005 Prius.

    Interestingly enough, several weeks later I received a letter from GM announcing ANOTHER recall on 1997-2004 Grand Prix’s. In this recall (this one made me laugh out loud for a good few minutes) due to an engineering flaw in the engine gaskets, under heavy breaking oil would come out of an area around where the spark plugs were (can’t remember exact name) and drop onto the exhaust manifold, potentially catching fire. That’s right; heavy breaking could cause your engine to catch fire. I love my Prius so much, it is so much better. The spark plugs don’t have to be replaced for 120k miles, and the breaks can last up to 100k miles before needing to be replaced (due to regenerative breaking). Since its inception there have been almost no replacements for worn batteries (all have been due to accidents), so those that say they need to be replaced every 8k or so miles are incorrect. It’s cheap, very well designed, helps the environment way more than basically every other car, and has an incredible resale value. Congratulations GM for improving your gas efficiency by 2mpg; you’re still a poorly ran company.

  • RC

    I was totally blown away this week whne I learned that only 1 (ONE!!!) Malibu Hybrid is being shipped to each dealer in Canada….and based on the notes above, what’s the point of even having one? The North American auto makers better step up, or the like os Toyota, and Honda, will roll right over them.

  • Joe

    I was thinking of buying a Malibu Hybrid and started doing some research on cost and gas mileage. I noticed a strange thing. GM has always claimed that they went with the mild hybrid on the Malibu to save money for the consumer and that it would only add about $1800 to the cost of the Malibu as compared to a standard model. When I looked at the actual costs being quoted by Chevy it showed that the cheapest Manufacture’s suggested retail price I could find for a no options Chevy Malibu Hybrid was $24,545 (which included $650 destination charge). When I priced out a base version Malibu with the 4 cylinder engine, base level and no-options it was priced at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $19,995. I carefully compared all features and the only difference I can see in the two is the hybrid drive and floor mats. Thus it seems to me the actual difference that GM is charging for the Hybrid system is over $4000, not the $1800 that I saw in previous company information. Thus it is similar in cost premium you pay for a Camry Hybrid for a lot less capability.

  • Anonymous

    brandi, you are a communist sympothizing not helping unamerican biatch, get out go live in japan!

  • big bubba

    oh quit yr crying jap lovas you have to use the same gasoline we all use yr not exempt

  • kurtdaniel

    I like the new Malibu. I haven’t even seen one on the streets yet, but so far, all the reviews are good. It’ll be more interesting when the 6-speed I4 ive seen in Auto part geek Malibu comes around.

  • George Winston

    Although it employs a larger battery pack, the Honda Civic hybrid does not ever drive solely on electric motor, just electric assist like Malibu. Would you call the Civic a hybrid? Another thing about the fuel economy, with this system the EPA drive cycle likely underestimates real world mileage, unlike the Prius where EPA estimates originally way overstated real word mileage until they were changed.

  • GM Salesdude

    Actually, the new 09 malibu (all trim levels) come with a ‘sealed-for-life’ transmission. Thus eliminating the need to check (at least) the transmission oil levels. These transmissions are designed to operate efficiently and effectively for longer than most people will actually own the car.

  • GM Salesdude

    Also… These new GM’s are almost completely recyclable! Almost the entire engine is aluminium, runs cooler (more efficient) and is easier to recycle. The days of the American Classic car are numbered, they will all be crushed and recycled in the future.

  • GM Salesdude

    Well, it depends on how long a given vehicle has been on the sales lot, that’s why two identical vehicle can cost two different prices, one is newer to the lot, even if they were built on the same day and just shipped a few months apart.

  • Richard Yeager-Stiver

    Actually, if you do a search for Prius replacement batteries, they only cost $1000-$1500 to replace.

    And the battery in the car, and a replacement, should last for at least 10 years (warranty).

  • Larry Boyd

    I got a 2009 Malibu Hybrid in September and I like the ride th looks the MPG I do most of my driving on the highway thats why I went with this car.( Also buy American) Great car, Great price, Fun ride, only thing that I do not like is the trunk does not spring open you must pull it up and open also no spare tire.

  • Brittany Powell

    Hybrids are the best i would buy this car if i had the money to buy it.

  • Bob Rosa

    I purchased this car in August. Was able to cash in on Cash for Clunker with a 2001 Diamante. Looked at other hybrid models, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima, Camary. The Malibu drives great although a little hard to get in and out of and the trunk is small, but the handling and the MPG along with the lower price tag are what sold me. With the difference in price between the Malibu and the Ford or Nissan at current gas prices, it would have take 3-4 years to break even. Didn’t think that was worth the extra cost for the high priced cars and MPG difference.

    I was disappointed to read the Chevy will discontinue this model. I hope that doesn’t give me problems in the future.

    Pros: Looks sporty, drives and handles great, MPG and price, nice interior, good size back seat for adults.
    Cons: Small trunk, highway excelleration is slower than comparible cars, light interior reflects on the front and rear windows and big blind spots where the front and rear window posts are.

    Overall though I would recommend this car especially for the price.

  • Beryl Wallen

    I am the proud owner of a 2008 Malibu Hybrid. When purchased, I traded in my 17 year old Buick LeSabre, which still looked good and was in running order. So much for those naysayers, who have nothing good to say about GM vehicles. Having been born in the 1930s Great Depression & lived through World War II, I have always bought American cars. And will do so until I expire in this lifetime. No foreign cars for me; I always supported our domestic car companies. I will not be a party to sending my money overseas–particularly to Japanese companies. As for my Malibu Hybrid, I just returned from a car trip, from north of Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL–on one tank of gas–some 440 miles. I believes this speaks for itself!

  • Marionette

    The American consumers are beginning to see who pulls the strings in the controlled markets of the united states.
    GM makes Razors, for Exxon/Chevron’s lucrative razor-blades.
    Choice is not an option for consumers or Auto-makers.
    If it don’t run on Petrol.. It Can Not be Sold in the USA, period.
    Expensive lease programs and pilot programs only. NO FREE MARKET in the USA

  • Marionette

    The American consumers are beginning to see who pulls the strings in the controlled markets of the united states.
    GM makes Razors, for Exxon/Chevron’s lucrative razor-blades.
    Choice is not an option for consumers or Auto-makers.
    If it don’t run on Petrol.. It Can Not be Sold in the USA, period.
    Expensive lease programs and pilot programs only. NO FREE MARKET in the USA

  • LadyG

    I love my 2008 Mallibu Hybrid. It rides so smoothly, sound is better than any I have heard, options and options there alone. Instruments well appointed for safety. Seats adjust for ultimate comfort. Plenty of room for legs both front and back, windows comfortably placed and not too close to anyone. Air distribution is wonderful. Wishing for a compass. Trunk space more than sports car but not a huge one. Fits two carry-on “small pullman” plus totes sides and middle. Color Gray Metallic fits its class. Much more car than any other car that this year had to offer. Great comfort after 600 mile trek from Minneapolis to Fennimore, WI, hills, rolling hills, and only difficulty is staying awake in smooth ride. Needs more positive buyers and grateful owners. Drive one to know one. And, it goes to sleep not using any gasoline when it comes to a stop. Drive-up windows, it is dormant. Who could ask for more?

  • LadyG

    Sorry, you just paid too much for a Toyota. A Lexus is a Toyota. Nissan used to be Datsun. I used to have a Maxima in 97. They’re a lot of power and a lot of fun. But it said Datsun on the Title.

    Toyota just got somebody off the hook for murder indirectly. He is now getting sympathy for having spent time in jail and not knowing his two latest children while others had their lives taken.


  • LadyG

    Cheers? Do you drink and drive? You sound controlling. Time to move on with all this bickering? There are a lot of comments on here that are emotional. I was looking for facts from everyone so on with the bickering, please however everyone must bicker. There is something to be considered even from you.

  • LadyG

    Agree whole-heartedly. I just noticed no tire. Onstar, I guess. I am in a Jetta rental car. Unfamiliar with most of its details and finding the spring-open trunk kind of nice. I do like the privacy of my Malibu Hybrid waiting for me to get there to open it since I am sometimes in a place where pedestrians like to see into my trunk. Curiosity is a funny thing. Needing space sometimes. Don’t carry clubs now, or lawn chairs. I keep an umbrella, flashlight, blanket (in case of a spontaneous picnic, or hopefully not, an accident or…?) And, I keep a bag that keeps hot/cold items in the event something needs to stay in its present temp – bee sting kits, etc. Trunk space is a big thing, spring open…yeah, my Blazer had that on it’s back window part. I also buy American because I’ll have a less complicated life believing that I am supporting USA. I love my country. My cousin, who was in the armed forces worked for many years at GM. He never forced anyone to want less for themselves for cars and GM has always been good for as long as we have needed a car/truck ro run. Question is, do I upgrade when all is well with MY car? Trading up is something someone should do every two years? I see that these engines are sealed 2009 and on.

  • Melody

    I bought a new Malibu Hybrid with 18000 miles the hybrid battery has gone out. first the service company said it was okay to drive my car untill they got the recalled battery and it would be okay; in one month I still had not got the battery fixted and the car started to have more problems. Now three months later and still paying my car payments I am still not driving my car. I have called Burner’s in Brownwood tx untill they told me that I needed to call the chevrolet company myself and the number they gave me was a porno number. The companywhen reached gave me another Bayer’s in Commanche Tx that is wheremy car now sits and Three months later I am still paying my payments and don;t have my car. I wish I could get some help

  • feed

    wheres the spare tire

  • Matthew

    For one you can get a lemon in ANY auto makers product and none really have more lemons than the other. As for toyota I have never liked their cars. To me they were over rated, boring, over priced, ugly and no life to them. When I learned and no matter how much of a fan you are of toyota that they out right LIED to people about safety issues and swept them under the rug to outsell GM I couldnt believe it. Yes they make their cars in the US or some of them. When I saw this I thought Im not going to give my money to a company that just lied and could care less about safety! you can say ” Oh you own a GM vehicle just wait, its coming, yada yada”. Tjhey all have recalls. Cars are built by humans its gonna happen. But to out right in todays world put a product out there with soo many issues is just sad and pathetic. Toyota will NEVER get any of my money! I have grown up on Gm vehicles and while they like every other company have had their issues Ive never been let down. Ive seen GM cars go several hundred thousand miles with original parts. The key here people is SERVICE THE CAR THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! It amazes me when people bi$%& that a car is crap and when you ask them how the servicing was kept up they say well I dont know I changed the oil. Theres sooo much more to it. Transmission fluid changes, fuel filters, alot of other stuff. And if your going to run cheap gas in your car which by the way burns quicker, you spend more to use it then your going to have issues. It is bad for the car and your wallet! We run nothing but super in our cars and always will. We love GM vehicles and have owned cars from almost every other make but none compare to the qulaity of GM. GM has always been the leader of technology. They screwed up on the EV1 but who was the first to come out with a hybrid? GM at least in major markets. Who thought of onstar? GM! We owned a 1988 oldsmobile toronado trofeo with a comput er screen that had engine functions calender, trip info. That was UNHEARD of in that time! GM will always lead the way and are getting better. By the way if your buying a prius to save the environment you would have to drive hundreds of miles a day to do so. If your doing it to save gas the batteries in the car will not last the time period it would take for you to save what you OVER PAID for those pos! Ive riden in a prius serveral times. Im not impressed. Uncomfortable, UGLY, cheap among a bunch of other words come to mind. Not to mention they just arent safe. If you want to give your money to a company that said” Oh there are problems? Lets not worry about that right now we need to outsell GM” Than your a FOOL!

  • Heavy Dee

    The future of are depleting resources is real and if we do not find ways to improve the way we use are resources we will eventually be walking. There is ways to improve the original models of gasoline vehicles. I have a 2003 Ford Taurus and it gets 51 miles a gallon highway and city it gets 42 miles a gallon. All I did is did some modification on the fuel jets. Working as a heating and air condition gave me the idea to make these improvements. I am still testing these improvements and it seems to be working. If this seems to really work I am going to patent my idea. So it is possible to make minor changes to make a vehicle more efficient.

  • Ezra

    Good day sir. I would like to offer my vehicle to you for testing of it as a sample trial of your system. If interested contact me by my email. Hope that this is not just the HHO system as I have tried this. Thanks…

    Respectfully, Ezra (US military member (17 yrs) = trustworthy person for your system) just want to help you succeed and help our planet live a little longer!

  • tapra1

    Output stands at 164 horsepower, plenty for a car of its size and weight. Energy is channeled through a smooth-shifting four-speed transmission.Tech Follow

  • Mr Prius

    you could get salvaged battery pack in salvage cars and it would only set you $500. you cant even do your math. you really stink at math. comparing Pruis to pathetic GM hybrids, not even much improvement ! Prius gets easily 45-55 mpg and do your math, 20 more miles every gallon than any GM hybrids. thats in thousands of dollars worth of gas yearly. you are so retarded. GM is nothing but disappointment to me. I been GM since i started drive and brought my frist toyota Prius, good bye GM !

  • Mr Prius

    YOU ARE STUPID. thats all i can say. EXTREME INGORANT AHOLE….

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