Chevy Confirms Diesel Cruze for 2013

In February, reports began to circulate that Chevy was preparing to offer a diesel version of its popular Cruze compact in the North America. (Diesel Cruze models are already offered in Europe and Asia, but American carmakers have been extremely reluctant to sell diesels in their home country.) At the time, a GM spokesperson said the carmaker had no immediate plans to offer the variant, but that “if market demand requires it in the United States, we could move quickly on it.” Apparently, the time has come.

Today, Chevrolet confirmed that it would in fact be selling its first diesel-powered car in the United States in more than two decades. Details are still scarce but GM has confirmed that it will hit the market in 2013, and reports have the car being built at the same Lordstown, Ohio, site as the other available Cruze models.

The diesel Cruzes offered in Europe and Asia have similar fuel economy to the most fuel-efficient current variant of the car, the Chevy Cruze Eco. The appeal lies in their added oomph—the 2.0-liter Australian Cruze diesel model provides about 33 percent more torque and 10 more horsepower than the 1.4-liter Cruze Eco.

But with gas prices high and Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards threatening to climb to 56.2 mpg by 2025, efficiency has recently joined power as a primary driver in the U.S. market. Since turbocharged diesel engines are more efficient than their gas counterparts, Chevy has the happy option of offering more power, more efficiency, or some combination of the two. According to one report from earlier this month, the diesel may offer highway fuel economy of 50 mpg.

The Chevy Cruze has been a major hit for GM this year and in June was the country’s best-selling compact for the second consecutive month—at a time when compacts are selling very well. The Cruze Eco has also been a success, accounting for more than 20 percent of total sales.

The test for the diesel variant will likely be its price. The Chevy Cruze Eco starts at nearly $2,000 more than the standard model, and diesel engines that meet the U.S.’s tough air regulations can cost as much as $5,000 more than their gasoline equivalents. To find success with the first American-made diesel car of the 21st century, Chevy will have to deliver enough MPG at a low enough extra cost.

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  • Johns

    This is great news. Now if they expand the biodiesel output around the country, that would be even better news.

  • James Davis

    Where is GM getting this false information from – “Big demand for diesel in America.”? Are they making it up as they go along? There are about the same count of diesel fueling stations in America as there are super charge stations for electric cars. Since diesel is even more expensive than gasoline in America, about .30 cents more, who in their right mind would want a diesel powered vehicle, especially from GM where the price is as over inflated as the diesel that GM wants to force down your throats?

    Where is GM’s electric car for America? And don’t tell me that “tinker toy” called the Volt is there electric car, because the Volt is not an electric car.

  • Joe

    You will not catch me buying a GM Government Motors, I will stick with FORD thank you!

  • Jim Jones

    And I will stick with Toyota ( Prius )

  • Rob A

    How is this even remotely related to hybrid cars? I sometimes don’t get the selection of blog topics on this site. I go to to read about new hybrid technology and to read about new plugin car technologies. If I wanted to hear about a diesel GM vehicle, I’d find a diesel car blog to read.

  • John111

    Criticism is cheap and easy. Reading and opening your brain takes more effort.

    I read this site too, and it has LONG been about all auto hi-tech.

    Hint: see “Auto alternatives for the 21st century” up top.

    Or click on “Shop by Technology” tab on every single page –

  • Max Reid

    Good move. Biodiesel is on the upswing again this year, also in another article, they talk about GDiesel which is made of 2/3 Petroleum and 1/3 Methane.

    Also GM can launch Hatch version of Cruze just like Ford did with Focus Hatch which is 1 of the best selling vehicles.

    “50 percent of retail sales of the 2011 Fiesta have been for hatchback, while retail sales for the all-new 2012 Focus hatchback accounted for 41 percent”

    “The total number of hatchbacks available in the U.S. market increased 63 percent between model years 2006 and 2010, going from 291,853 to 475,048, according to Ward’s Auto World data.”

  • Rob A

    I’m well aware that the site has long been about “Auto alternatives for the 21st century” as I’ve been reading this site for a very long time and I’ve been bothered every time I see a post about the Chevy Cruze or Jetta TDI or any other non-hybrid vehicle. I was simply pointing out that a site called shouldn’t be about other forms of vehicles…just seems like it’s false advertisement.

  • 9691

    I completely agree with Rob A. Sometimes there are even environmental news or irrelevant topics discussed like energynomics or clean aspects of god knows what, that only remotely relate to what this website’s main topic is. Because of no specific criteria, everything can be considered related news if only there is some connection to four wheels.

  • IcanhasEV

    Oh lordy! I went over to and there’s an article about a non-plugin Volvo hybrid on the front page! What is this world coming to?! What’s next, an article about a fuel cell vehicle? Keep it on Oh, the humanity!!

    See how silly that sounds? Do you go to and expect news about the first three letters of the alphabet? Loosen up people.

  • Dom

    I have two things to say.

    1. It’s about time another automaker offers an affordable diesel.
    2. It had better have a manual transmission as standard or at least optional.

    So all in all, yay!!

    James David said:
    “Where is GM getting this false information from – “Big demand for diesel in America.”? Are they making it up as they go along? There are about the same count of diesel fueling stations in America as there are super charge stations for electric cars. Since diesel is even more expensive than gasoline in America, about .30 cents more, who in their right mind would want a diesel powered vehicle, especially from GM where the price is as over inflated as the diesel that GM wants to force down your throats?”

    Um, look at the sales charts this site publishes monthly, and you’ll see VW is having good success with their TDI (diesel) models. In the US the Jetta TDI is the second best seller in alternative powertrains after the Prius.

    I have never seen a electric car charging station but diesel is all over the place. Most fuel stops on interstates sell it. Once you make a point to look for it you start seeing them.

    Trust me, no one is trying to force diesel down our throats in the US, it’s the opposite. I for one am tired of the government forcing hybrids and electric cars down our throats… give us options and let the market decide. But we can’t decide unless it’s available for sale. So I’m glad we’re starting to get options. I hope it sells well so we can get even more cars like this.

  • guyverfanboy

    I think diesels are a great alternative to hybrid vehicles. The electric drive trains don’t last forever and the battery certainly will not. Diesel engines have several good things going for them:

    1) Higher fuel economy makes up for the higher price of diesel.
    2) Higher residual value when compared to a gas counterpart.
    3) Longer lasting and durable engines.

    Look at the Jaguari XF 2.2 diesel which averages 47.5 MPG. I think that is pretty damn good.

  • hybridwatercar

    Get a Hydrogen hybrid Conversion installed in the SF Bay Area for $1600 for most cars and small trucks. These are HOD (hydrogen on demand) nothing is stored. Gas or Diesel on hybrid or not. Plus you get a tax credit for installing hybrid hydrogen upgrades. 35%-60% gains. Talk to @hybridwatercar on twitter or

  • Rob A

    That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think? ABCNews having only news about ABC? C’mon, that’s completely different. We’re talking about a blog with a specific topic and there’s tons of articles posted that are irrelevant to the topic. Half of the articles aren’t even related to a hybrid car anymore. I typically load the page once a week and usually scroll through to skip half the articles because they are about something completely different.

    You don’t have to agree with me. I’m just trying to make the point that the site has lost its direction a bit.

  • crookmatt


    I typically don’t respond to posts, but in this case I couldn’t help myself.

    Here is looking at a couple quotes from your post…

    1. “There are about the same count of diesel fueling station in America as there are super charge stations for electric cars” – actually, almost half of the 180,000 fueling stations nation wide offer diesel – so this quote couldn’t be more wrong

    2. “(diesel)…about .30 cents more, who in their right mind would want a diesel powered vehicle” Your estimate is about right – .30 more, or about 7.5% more expensive, and the typical diesel offers about 30% better mileage, so in the end you still save about 25% on fuel for a diesel over a gas power car, despite the price. (Who indeed would want to save 25% on fuel)

    I could go on, but why bother…

  • Dave2

    Are you blind? Nearly every gas station around here offers diesel! Along with all the truck stops. And I’ve yet to see a “super charge station for electric cars”. You may be a fan of electrics, but you’ve got to stop sniffing glue or whatever it is!

  • marcusfavonius12

    I don’t know what the heck James Davis is smoking. There are most certainly MANY times more diesel filling stations than there are electric charge stations by orders of magnitude. Where I live in the DFW area of Texas, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a gas station that also offers diesel. And the price of diesel over regular unleaded is very modest compared to the increase in fuel economy. A lot better buy than the joke that is the Prius.

  • Eric

    For those of you who haven’t yet seen these movies about how the oil companies are holding us back from cars that get over 100+mpg, check out “Gashole” & “Fuel?”, both available via Netflix.

    Biodiesel and diesel vehicles are a great alternative to hybrid cars. The question to ask about the hybrids, is what do we do with all the toxic batteries at the end of the life of the hybrid cars?

  • Dsipper

    Uh, diesel is available at almost every gas station. And the price varies – sometimes it’s actually less than regular gas. Diesel simply makes more sense than electric/hybrids at this time.

  • Cameron

    Wow, about freak’n time a domestic automaker finally gets the hint to bring out convenient diesels,

    next will be diesel hybrids (Europe has done)

    then making it a drive-by-wire hybrid
    -(having the vehicles power coming from the battery only, the engine only recharges the battery from minimum of 10% to 90% charge for greatest efficiency,

    amalgamating the diesel hybrid with a CVT
    -(since most electric motors have a low torque output, it be more reliable for the CVT.),

    then anywhere during, they could convert the diesel to run on either b100, veggie oil, recycled cooking oils, etc.
    -(thenceforward no longer will we depend on foreign oil, or any fossil fuels and consume a renewable resource right from our american fields, paying farmers, creating promising jobs [unlike the ethanol plants], and stimulating an economic growth[win freak’n win baby])

    But most of this has already been put together into a car designed by Robert Q. Riley

    And anyone who figures out that they can save money by buying gas over diesel is just an idiot, ya our conventional diesel does cost more than gas, but not only is diesel giving you more bang-for-your-buck but there’s b100 that I’ve seen less than that of regular gas, and veggie or cooking oil can be bought at $0.50/gal, and if you recycle restaurant oil for less than that even.

    Independence from foreign oils has always been around since 1900’s where one of the first diesel engines ran solely off of pea-nut oil (^ The Biodiesel Handbook, Chaper 2 – The History of Vegetable Oil Based Diesel Fuels, by Gerhard Knothe, ISBN 978-1-893997-79-0), less than a decade after the first gas engine was invented)

    So Hint-Hint GM, Ford, & Chrysler

    As for James Davis, he’ll be the idiot at a gas station asking why the nozzle doesn’t fit.

  • Anonymous

    gm is going to produce an electric only vehicle soon it is called the chevrolet spark
    If gm uses a diesel engine that gets 50 mpg verses 38 mpg do the math 30cents per gallon more but 12mpg better the diesel is more cost effective The problem is as with an hybrid the excessive upfront cost is difficult to over come

  • Sydney Lewis

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  • Diesel_for_life

    No diesel stations? When is the last time you saw a heavy duty truck that was not a diesel? where do you think they fill up? There are far more diesel stations than electric charge stations. A diesel car can get better mileage than a hybrid and make twice as much torque. Oh yeah and last probably twice as long. Seems like a pretty good option to me.

  • Mike Johnson

    One of the reasons that I drive a Diesel vehicle that I am not seeing talked about here is driver satisfaction. America has been hooked on “horsepower” and completely misses the point that what we use driving a vehicle every day it torque!!… it is torque that keeps you locked in overdrive on a hill on the interstate at 75 mph instead of the transmission hunting and the engine racing… it is torque that helps you accelerate up an onramp and merge at the same speed as traffic… and on, and on… if you have not spent time in a diesel vehicle… try to find one you can spend a day in doing the same driving that normally do… You will be shocked!!! and the fact that you can use the available power and not have your milage go down the tubes is amazing!!! We have an AWD SUV that can tow a 7200 pound trailer that gets 26mpg tank after tank and 28-30 on a trip and every time i roll on the throttle I know i made the right choice in vehicles!!!!

  • Hailey Rogers

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  • Sandra Gomez

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  • paul schumacher

    my son, wife and i all drive diesel cars. two vw tdi’s and a bmw 335d. i cannot ever recall a time when any of us has ever stressed about finding fuel for our cars. its simply never happened. with 500 and 700 mile ranges, there is plenty of time to find fuel in an unfamiliar area. diesel is quite prevalent, next time you fill up with gas, look for the green hose and handle. its there. you have simply never noticed it before.
    to me the joy of diesel driving is the low maintenance, incredible torque and power, and the delight of standing out as one who drives something which looks similar, but is distinctly different. its very true, unfamiliarity is what fosters an ignorance about diesel cars. find time to ride in one. or better, drive one. they dont smoke, they dont rattle, and they are nearly as quiet outside as a gas car. certainly i adore the slight mechanical noise they make, its what sets me and my car apart. any diesel hybrid coming down the pipe will surely grab my attention and undoubtedly be the next car of choice for me.

  • Leila Henderson

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  • Wilie Smith

    Stretching exercises I’m glad to see diesel versions coming back, they’re great cars and very versatile. Good work Chevy, thanks for the update!

  • William

    I enjoyed your article, please keep us up to date on all the hybrid cars in the next few years!
    Stretching exercises keep us updated please!

  • Sandy

    Yeah! Finally a diesel hybrid. Stretching exercises your driving should reflect better gas habits. my 2 and a half cents.

  • Art

    you need to do more research diesel is in demand look at the VW diesel line up BMW /GM /ford / Nissan small Diesels produce alot more power than most gas motors 2 times there size . But don’t be confused by horse power specs this isnot a true measure of power look at torque specs an the RPM at which the high # is made . the lower the # the better the power at low rpm is more usable than power produced at a higher rpm think of it like this . Producing the power at a high rpm is like you trying to go up a hill from a stop all the time . I hope this helps
    P.S. diesels contrary to belief are far cleaner than gas gas car in a garage you will die within minutes. Diesel will take hours mabe even a day

  • ART

    the pumps with diesel here in Connecticut are yellow just look for the lable on the pump or ask the attendant to be sure hope this helps also look for a gas station with alot of truck traffic to get fresh fuel this is very helpfull when the seasons change due to differant additives that improve winter performance

  • Art

    some people think that diesel is not a hybrid but I think it is because it can use multiple types of fuels with very little if any modifications like a diesel can be run on propane / biodiesel (vegy oil ) in dessert storm they were run on jet fuel and automatic transmission fluid yes thats right JET FUEL and AUTOMATIC Transmission fluid. The whole thing about Hybrids are to get away from the forign oil companies. Also Half the engine at half the rpm equals fuel econnomy/ you saving money as long as you don’t full throttle the car and use all the power people these days don’t know how to drive case in point
    ( ABS/ TRACTION control some vehicels even will apply the brake for you if it thinks you get to close)
    try driving like you were on ice all the time . for those of you who don’t know what ice is like itis like hydro planeing I can promise you will see an increase in your fuel mileage
    P.S. Don’t let people push you drive let them go around
    Equipment op. / Truck Driver / ASE CERT. TECH. with over 500000+ miles

  • Anonymous

    You pay 30 cents more for diesel because diesel vehicles get 40% better fuel economy and last twice as long. 30 cents is only a ~ 9% increase in cost, but since it burns 40% less fuel, you still save 31%. It’s simple math. That “tinker toy” is a plugin hybrid. It operates solely on electric power within a certain range. This is just like a fully electric car. The difference is, if you want to take your electric car on a road trip, you would have to stop for 5-6 hours every few hundred miles to recharge, and that’s if you can find a fast charger. With the volt, when you exceed the range capability of the batteries, the engine kicks in and it runs as a typical hybrid. Ergo your range is not limited, you can go as far as you want and only stop for a few minutes to fill up.

  • Paulo

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  • L. Pool

    That is Great News! Chevrolet is on the right track. Diesel is the way to go if the price of a diesel car is close, not expensive, to buy compared to gas cars.
    Keep up the good work…Chevrolet.

    I have owned many different brands of cars…imported and domestic…Chevs, Chryslers, Fords, Hyundais and the most liked are in that order. Hyundais are cheap and not oweing up to their products. Warranties are just there but not good…they wait for the end of the warranty to tell owners what problems are evident. They also do not have any diesel vehicles. I will be buying Chevrolets again.

  • lamee japtor

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  • nelson japro

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  • Panthrprey

    ECO = 138 hp 148 tq vs

    160hp and 265 tq for the diesel

    gets same or better MPG and will leave the gasser in the dust

    also the MPG on the Cruze for city is 26/28 which my Jetta gets 36 city and the Cruze should get that or better.

  • livia jamino

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  • lanee manoza

    The Cruze Eco has also been a success, accounting for more than 20 percent of total sales. text spy

  • dandieselonian

    I can get diesel anywhere and its more available than gasoline

  • Ken Holt

    James, it’s obvious your not versed on diesels. The .30 cents is well spent to get the extra 10-15 miles per gallon plus the many more miles (almost twice) of life out of a diesel engine. The Europeans already know this and can not understand why we are not already on the diesel path. Your also wrong about diesel filliing stations. Every truck stop and 37% of all filling stations sell diesel fuel.

    Try a diesel and you will never go back to gas.

  • larry ryan

    diesel hybrid should get 75 mpg cause ireland got dh that goes 85 mpgon opel astra