Chevrolet Volt Tops Consumer Reports Survey

For the second year in a row, Consumer Reports’ annual auto survey has named the Chevrolet Volt to the top of its annual owner satisfaction survey.

A key question asked of owners of 350,000 vehicles spanning the 2010-2013 model years was:

“Considering all factors – price, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc., – would you get this car if you had it to do all over again?”

Respondents answered “definitely yes” for the Volt more than owners did for 240 other models.

Sliced another way, 92 percent of survey respondents answered in the affirmative, down from 93 percent last year, but seen as further validation for GM’s plug-in car just the same.

The Volt again topped a previous front-runner, the Porsche 911, which otherwise did score well along with the Dodge Challenger V8 and Ford Mustang.

Historically, hybrids, sports cars and convertibles have done the best in this survey conducted by Consumer Reports’ National Research Center.

According to a statement by Rik Paul, Consumer Reports’ auto editor, the Volt’s second straight year “points to the continuing trend of owners’ enthusiasm for cars that are fuel-efficient cars, especially as we see more and more hybrid and electric models hitting the market.”

Last month the Volt also set a third month-over-month sales record. It was 2,961 units, and this is not an amazing number by automotive standards, but given the flak the Volt has had to overcome, and how few sales it saw in previous months, it is measurable progress.

And, given that November is nearly over, we’ll soon get to see whether the sales numbers also speak highly yet again of the Volt.

With competitors coming along, what do you think? Will the Volt top the electric car charts again?

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  • dutchinchicago

    Not sure what competitors you are talking about. I have not heard of any car that comes close to the Volt.

    The only other car I would consider is a Model X but that is unfortunately slightly out of my price range.

    At the going rate my next car will be a Volt again.

  • Van

    I think it is fair to question whether the C-Max Energi and the Fusion Energi are really “competitors” with the Volt. But I expect many buyers will consider other plug-ins before they buy the Volt. Certainly the Leaf, Spark and Fiat 500e are not competitors. given the limited range. Some might consider the Tesla Model S a competitor for the high end buyers of plug-ins. Unless Fisker gets off the recall merry-go-round, it does not seem to viable.

  • Jeff Cobb

    dutchinchicago – Yes, I’m well aware of that. The Volt is a niche vehicle. “Competitor” is not being used in a strictly defined way here, but in another essentially valid sense.

    As Van pointed out, consumers may perceive other electrified cars to cross shop just the same.

    On the Dashboard we track monthly sales. If the Volt gets bumped from top spot sooner or later, or has others approaching its sales numbers, would you define the car(s) that sell against it as de facto “competitors?”

    If the Volt loses sales to another car, for all intents and purposes that car is a “competitor” even if not the exact same technology.

  • ACAgal

    I can’t believe I like a Chevy. I really like my Volt. The Volt has a great turning radius, instant response, supportive seats, a lack of noise (so I can hear the Bose speakers), and adults can sit in the back seat. I’ve had Chevy’s before: Camaro, a station wagon, even a Corvette, but I gave up on the brand and even US cars. I really thought I would never by another Chevy, but I really like this car.
    The fact I can plug it in at night to refuel it is a really nice extra. On really hot days or cold, wet days it is nice to find the car ready to go, without worrying about the lines at the pump. I like that too, but I honestly think that this time Chevy has made a good car.

  • Stan Smart

    Thru bankruptcy, restructuring, and other “distractions” the VOLT team kept their heads in the game!

  • MrEnergyCzar

    I think the Fusion plug-in is the closest, 5th seat and a decent 21 mile range will appeal to a lot of people, but they have to make it cheaper than the Volt, not a few thousand more with the smaller battery tax credit…