Chevrolet Volt Sales More Than Double in March

During a recent interview with Plug-In America, former GM car czar Bob Lutz said that despite all the negative publicity heaped on the Chevy Volt from “right wing talk show guys,” and others, its March sales were predicted to be significantly better.

We can now confirm that this is indeed true. According to information released by General Motors, sales for the Volt last month totaled 2,289 units, which represents a 276.5-percent increase over the same period in 2011 and more than double the 1,023 units sold in February.

This comes despite a five-week production shutdown at the Hamtramck plant from March 19 to April 23 in order to help dealers clear out surplus inventory.

In addition, as part of its plan to match production with demand, GM has also announced that it will shut down production for three weeks in July, instead of the usual two-week stretch.

Nevertheless, with encouraging sales figures for March and healthy demand in Europe for the Volt and its cousins, the Opel- and Vauxhall-badged Ampera, it still looks as though 2012 will likely end a lot better than it started out for GM’s extended range electric car.

Detroit Free Press

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  • YegorT

    That is super!

  • Max Reid

    2,289 Volts sold – Great News
    Meanwhile Prius 28,711 units outselling Corollas 28,289 units.

    So Prius is #2 in Toyota’s lineup with only Camry ahead.
    Camry also sold many hybrids. So did Lexus make.

  • keh

    Who wants to buy an overpriced car that will cost more in the long run to operate?

  • Capt. Concernicus

    @ keh,

    Me! But only if it doesn’t catch on fire. 🙂


    @ Max Reid,

    Well Toyota at one time did make the statement that they wanted the Prius to be their #1 or #2 selling car in their lineup.

  • rs

    Meanwhile, Ford has not been bailed out by a fascist government scheme and has quietly been building hybrids and EVs that put this car to shame. Congrats, G(overnment)Motors

  • Robok2

    rs, uh, feel free to look up the word “fascist” in a dictionary. As in the opposite of a liberal. So, in your bizarre world, the President is not a liberal but the complete opposite?

    As a driver of a 2009 Ford Fusion (really my wife’s car) and a 2012 Volt, you’re so far off it’s hilarious. But what would I know, I only drive both cars, unlike you.

    And, finally, wat part of GM making record profits bothers you the most? Is it the fact that the only reason Ford didn’t need government aid was it was actually in the worst financial situation and had to get outside funding before the SH## hit the fan? Yeah, getting lucky means far less in my world than yours, but then again, I hope all companies are profitable. Do you hate American Airlines and other companies that have gone bankrupt or is your bitterness a little more specific… Just sad…

  • Anonymous

    Dear RS,

    This site is NO republican zone! So, please publish your dirty lies somewhere else. Actually, Ford got a government backed loan way before economic crisis. haven’t paied back yet!

  • watt d fark

    Are you sure the Ford loan was govt-backed? I thought they had secured a bunch of private funding before the meltdown because they HAD been in such desperate straits.