GM Sneaks Spark EVs Around LA Hidden In Plain Sight

In official GM blog posts, Chevrolet highlighted brief info about its 2013 Spark EV suggesting it’s good for over 106 miles range, though actually, GM is not saying what the true range is.

The cars – camouflaged then driven in a caravan in open view and highlighted by a brief YouTube video – will build on lessons learned from the Volt, not to mention converted GM test mule EVs undergoing testing in regions around the world.

“The Camo’s on, but we’re inviting spy photographers and enthusiasts alike to come find us,” said Trista Schieffer, Lead Development Engineer, Chevrolet Spark EV.

The exotic locale for the most recent Spark EV parade, photo op, and shake-down run was through the wild streets of Southern California, where this vehicle will be targeted when launched in its initial limited production next year.

“Allow me to modify one of the best movie quotes of all time: ‘It’s 106 miles to LA, we’ve got full battery charge, half a pack of twizzlers, it’s dark … and we’re wearing sunglasses – HIT IT!,’” she said.

The Spark EV will be Chevrolet’s first production EV since the EV1, and the company says it will offer more such (not-so) sneak previews for the new car that uses A123 Systems lithium nanophosphate batteries, and sport an 85-kilowatt (114-horsepower) electric motor.

We’ve not heard what it will sell for, but will keep a look out for more news on Chevrolet’s battery powered city car.

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  • James Davis

    I think GM has missed the opportunity to impress people with anything they come out with. They should had presented the Spark when Nissan presented the Leaf, not the Volt. I probably wouldn’t care to bet the farm, that the Spark will be right up there in price with the Volt…or a $1,000.00 less. If GM wants to sell the Spark, which I know they don’t, then they should price it several thousand less than the Leaf. Since the Leaf will always be superior to the Spark, that will be the only way the Spark will sell.

  • Sparky168

    GM should not only match or lower price than Leaf. GM should start a battery leasing offer that will lower the upfront costs to make it appealing to the mass market, much the same marketing approach that Renault Zoe is doing. Spark needs to match or beat the Zoe.

  • JeremyK

    The Spark EV should be lighter and smaller than the Leaf which means it has the potential for better range and acceleration. I think the benchmark for the Spark will be the Leaf…so why would you think it would be priced like the Volt? GM will be smart about pricing…I bet it will come in under the Leaf, but with better performance. I’d buy’s all I would need a commuter car.

  • Shines

    106 mile range in warm southern California…
    Based on the size of the Spark – it might have to compete with the Mitsubishi iMiev…

  • Van

    If GM is still using the 5 miles per KWh claim (i.e. Volt will get 40 EV miles using only 8 KWh) then the actual mileage will be 3.5 miles per KWh. Do the math and you get yet another 75 mile range EV!

    We need more than 120 miles of real range, or about 42 KWh of usable storage. The Nissan NMC battery, expected in the 2015 Leaf, if not sooner, will put EV’s into the mainstream market.

    Meanwhile these first generation EV’s are nothing to write home about in my opinion. Bring on the Prius PHV @ $32,000.

  • OzieKings

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