Coming: Cheap Chinese Cars at Costco?

Chinese cars have been displayed at the Detroit Auto Show for the past several years. Many industry critics ridiculed them for design or quality flaws. But others see these first Chinese vehicles and remember how Japanese and Korean cars were once laughed off—only to become mainstream products in America.


Kathleen Ligocki, CEO of GS Motors and formerly president of Ford of Mexico, expects Chinese-designed cars to begin production in Mexico in 2010—and make their way to the US about five years after first testing the waters in Latin America and Canada. GS Motors, a Mexican company, already imports three models from China’s First Auto Works (FAW) and sold 4,000 of them in Mexico last year.

Here’s the zinger: Ligocki believes Chinese cars will be sold in the US through big-box stores like Costco or Wal-Mart, which is how GS Motors is retailing them in Mexico.

GS is building an assembly plant in Michoacan, Mexico with FAW. The plan is for vehicles to roll off the line beginning in 2010. GS Motors will launch the FAW brand in Mexico this year with the F1 Hatchback, an entry-level car sold for under $5,500. FAW, one of the largest Chinese automakers, is allied in China with Volkswagen. FAW also produces the Miles ZX40, a small van-style neighborhood electric vehicle, developed by Miles Electric Vehicles, based on Santa Monica, Calif.

GS Motors is racing to bring the first Chinese cars to America via Mexico—but they are not alone. BYD (Build Your Dreams) showed plug-in hybrid and electric model in Detroit last month and promised to bring them to the US as early as next year. In fact, many of China’s 80 or so auto companies have made similar gestures, with varying degrees of seriousness.

While Ligocki and other industry executives believe Chinese cars will inevitably enter the US market, these plans have been slowed down by the global economic crisis. The Chinese domestic car market is already experiencing lower demand. And many analysts—including the Chinese central government—forecast that a number of Chinese automakers will not survive the coming year as cash and enthusiasm for importing Chinese cars is diminished.

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  • Dick Goesinya

    Nobody will buy chinese cars for $5500.00. They will not be the quality of a Honda or Toyota. Chrysler will be gone in a year as well as GM in 1-2 years, Ford may make it. Plus everyone is keeping their cars. They will run them into the ground, plus we will run out of gas by 2020 and gas will be $10.00 per gallon by 2012, thanks to Obamanomics.

  • Adrian


    Wow…could you be even more optimistic about where we are headed in the near future of transportation???

    If we don’t find alternative sources of fuel/energy for cars in the near future, your statement may come true. But I’m sure you agree with me (as many people probably will) when I say that I really hope this will not be the case, and that we can find alternative ways (whatever they may be) to prevent any crises in the future.


  • Bryce

    Their introduction should be interesting, but would likely hurt the Korean automakers the most I would expect. This would be unfortunate considering that they finally started moving upmarket.

  • Interface

    This car is a 99% COPY of the Toyota Aygo (not sold in the US).
    Check google for pictures.
    The Aygo is sold in germany for about 9200€. It is the third most feul efficent car in germany.

  • mdensch

    I saw the cars that BYD and Brilliance were showing at the Detroit car show and believe me, they’re junk. Also, as Interface notes, the F0 is a carbon copy of the Toyota Aygo which Toyota designed in cooperation with Citroen and Peugeot for 2nd and 3rd world markets, even though BYD claims its own engineers are responsible for the car. Toyota will be forced to let them get away with it because Toyota wants to do business with China.

    [Also note, the model pictured is called the F0. Formula One racing forced BYD to quit calling it F1.]

  • Jeff

    5500 dollars at this time in the economy is perfect timing. Its just a matter of how we adapt to the market share that they are going to capture.

  • Yugo Market


    You sound like the critics that commented about Japanese cars when it first came to the market. Every car company has to start somewhere. If people bought Yugo decades ago because of low price, the demand will exist for the same reason. It will be interesting how this car will stack up when Tata comes out with their low price vehicles.

    Last but not least, Obama will have a very tough time beating notorious legacy of Bush policies.

  • mdensch

    I don’t think Yugo is the best example to cite . . .

  • Yugo Market

    Sure, Yugo is the perfect example. The GS car is aimed for rock bottom price market. For that price, I expect Yugo quality…

  • Frederick S

    I’ve got a contact with a school that was buying cars from Miles EV and he says that the quality is pure garbage. The cars were arriving with what looks like two years worth of rust. The paint is crap, the build is crap and god knows what would happen in an accident.

  • chery geely

    The title is very degrading and chinese cars will be the next hyundai or Honda!

  • mdensch

    I think the Chinese are going to be surprised at the resistance Americans show toward their cars. We’ve seen a few too many products recalls, lead paint, tainted foods, etc.

    Hyundai and Kia succeeded because they learned from their mistakes. The Chinese keep sending us crap. That’s the difference.


    And I said that the Yugo was not the best example because despite its low price, the public never warmed up to it because they couldn’t get past the low quality. Those who did buy quickly experienced buyers remorse.

  • DTD

    The cars BYD displayed at 2009 NAIAS were actually very good for a company that just started making cars in 2003. The BYD e6 is indeed a true game changer. China just overtook US in Jan 2009 to become the biggest single auto market in the world. All this venting about how China just keeps sending crap to the US is just pure BS. Take a good look in the mirror. Do your faces all look like a bunch of sorry ass suckers deserving nothing better than cheap junk? If they do, then quit complaining. The PC you used to vent your silly BS online is made in China. Without China setting the standard for consumer value, the world economy will be in deep depression already.

  • Boom Boom

    More car companies in the US market will always be a good thing. As the US automakers are finding out, if you build crap, you’ll get pushed out. What China is currently producing is, basically, cheap imitations of a Japanese car. That doesn’t mean that they can’t overcome that and make quality vehicles. There have been countless examples of this occurring (like Hyundai over the last 20 years). It is up to the Chinese auto industry to prove that they can do this.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    Boom Boom, I agree with you on this call. I am old enough to remember when everything from Japan was “Japanese crap”. That has changed over the years, hasn’t it? How many people are willing to call a Lexus “Japanese crap”? When Edwards Demming and Joseph M. Juran were laughed out of Detroit and told to go to Japan with their ideas in the mid 1980’s, we changed the way the world would look at quality. It is just unfortunate that that we “gave” Japan what we could have had. Instead, we were forced into the game of playing catch up.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    Dick Goesinya, your crystal ball is sure different that of most other people. You have the big three disappearing from the face of the earth (or that least two of the three with the third becoming a minor player; e.g., “Ford may make it”). Obama has been in office less than a month and you have him affecting things eleven years down the road and over six years beyond his term! I thought Obama was asking for cars to do better than 50 mpg. You have him asking for cars to do only 5 mpg. Please provide all of us unenlightened people with all the facts, data, and figures that support your point of view.

    Obama is not as seasoned as most Presidents before him. But he has indicated that he will try to go in the right direction as far as I am concerned. How many Presidents before him have been able to take seven moderate Republicans and seven moderate Democrats, put them in a room with a stimulus bill, tell them I don’t care how you cut but you will cut, and come out with a bill 16% smaller that ticks off both the left and right fringes (I personally like that)? Yes, he is inexperienced and untried. Ye, he still has to “walk the talk” and prove himself. But his one month has already determined what will happen 11 years down the road like you state?

    Again, Dick Goesinya, please provide all of us unenlightened people with all the facts, data, and figures that support your point of view.

  • Ann Dripitoff

    Plenty of people will buy $5500 cars. Of course the quality won’t match Toyota or Honda – you get what you pay for. If gas is $10.00 a gallon in 3 years there will be plenty of it left by 2020. just speaking about oil – the US has oil shale reserves to last way beyond any Obamanomics affect (if there ever is one).

  • car_guy

    I am surprised that nobody has voiced a concern about buying a car from CostCo/Walmart! Regardless of the quality of Chinese cars, which have a ways to go but will get there eventually, I shutter at the thought of taking my car to a big box store for warrenty work. Even a bad dealer has mechanics on site and can turn a repair around quickly. The big box stores do not have this capability (replacing tires & changing oil does not qualfy). I am sure that these stores would be willing to put a few cars in the lot or add them to their distribution system to see how they sell, but I doubt they will be willing to make major investments to expand their faciilities.

    Why would anyone buy a car of unknown reliability from a store with no way to repair the vehicle?

  • Samie

    Was Mr. Goesinya’s comment out of spite or a comical take to get people worked up?

    Maybe market it to used car shoppers, retirees, those who want to ditch high monthly car payments and parents of teenagers that is if they are reliable and can actually turn a profit on something that’s 5-6K. Doesn’t sound like whats said in the article will come true but its worth a shot. Unfortunately as time nears for some of these Chinese automakers to hit the US they will take a more conventional/boring approach to selling cars in the US but it would be funny to get 10lbs of beef jerky and a car at the same time. Guess I better renew my Sams Club card for 2010.

  • hybridhmm

    I think there is a market for a $5500 car — people who can’t affort a $20,000 car. If the Chinese models can pass U.S. safety laws I think they will sell. For 1/4 the price of a regular car, people can put up with a lot of cheap components and cut corners, aka junk. The question will be if the cars are better quality and reliability than a $5500 used car. If they are better, they will sell. They won’t be competing with $20,000 models, they will create a market from people who otherwise wouldn’t buy a car.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    hybridhmm , I agree with you and the others that say there is a market for a $5500 car. If the quality and reliability better than a $5500 used car as you have pointed out, can pass the US safety requirements as you have pointed out, and the mpg is sufficient enough, there will be a market no matter who sells it.

    One of my coworkers refuses to buy a car for more than $6K. Therefore he only buys used cars – unless one of these would be available. He does not care if it has any extras in it, including a radio. If he wants a radio, he will put one in. He just wants one that will run economically from point “A” to point “B” and back. And I know there are other people out there that will be just like him. This market is far bigger than I think one would suspect.

  • RP

    How will Obamanomics raise the price of gas?

  • Sarah

    Hahaha. Just buy BMW that will solve all problems =)~

  • Less NOx

    Judging by his screen name I think Dick meant to be posting to a different type of site. I am probably giving him too much credit here, but maybe he thinks that Obama will raise gas prices by taxing it more. Although many economists and posters to this site agree that would be the best plan to cut demand, spur innovation, and raise revenue, I’m afraid Obama is too worried about being bi-partisan to propose any such plan. And if he can only get 3 moderate republicans to sign onto a stimulus plan that has huge tax CUTS, what are his chances of getting a tax increase through congress?

  • mdensch

    . . . just to repeat, the picture has to go. The car is called the F0, not the F-1. Formula One racing wouldn’t let them steal the name and made BYD change it. Everything else about the car was stolen.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    RP, hopefully Dick Goesinya is collecting his facts, data, and figures that supports his point of view and will show us all how “Obamanomics” will raise the price of gas to$10.00 per gallon by 2012 and will run us out of gas by 2020. I am interested in seeing his information. I’m sure you are too.

  • Florida Prius

    I would be interested in a vehicle provided, as other posters have pointed out, safety standards and such are equivalent to that of a $5.5K used car. I have an 05 Prius with 23K miles on it, but soon will need an A to B car for a second driver.

    As far as box stores carrying out the warranty work, there are plenty of independent mechanics that are capable of doing warranty work even for Toyota and Honda. Granted I wouldn’t take my Prius to them, for no other reason than the technology. Anyway, if I bought a used $5.5K car, I wouldn’t get a warranty, so I wouldn’t expect too much in the way of a warranty from this manufacturer. I don’t want to buy this car with no coverage, I just wouldn’t expect their warranty to match that of my Prius.

  • Bryce

    Well, noticed a lot of people here dismissing a Chinese entry into the market as a joke and others citing the example of the Japanese autos years ago being able to penetrate the market. Both views really do have good examples. Indeed, the Japanese were able to penetrate the market, but not all of them were totally successful. Mitsubishi and Suzuki still do not have a significant presence while Subaru maintains a niche market similar to Jeeps. Unlike Honda and Toyota that have faired well, and Nissan to a lesser extent, not all new comers do that great. Don’t forget also cars from other nationalities. Daewoo, Fiat, Yugo, and probably some others I can’t think of off the top of my head. Most actually, when you look at the anals of car history, have failed. Even looking at the domestics, and you see many in the graveyard. packard, AMC, and others (Chrysler???) The auto industry is a competitive and risky business, but if you can stand the heat, the winners will reap the dividends. Of the dozen or so american auto companies at the turn of the century, only 3 have really survived. Of the half a dozen or so of the Japanese ones, 3 and change remain. Only Volkswagon as a mainstay brand remains stateside with the other european models relegated to luxury, and Volkswagon itself almost seen so itself. So, given this precedence, I see a wave of chinese companies coming….and some people will indeed buy them….and there will be problems, as anyone else will have, and, half or more of them will likely fail….if not all of them. It will be seen in time, all that remains is for us to wait and see.

    As a personal note, I am unwilling to sacrifice safety for fuel economy. (ie plug-in BYD probably not on my short list)

  • allopatry

    “Nobody will buy chinese cars for $5500.00. They will not be the quality of a Honda or Toyota. Chrysler will be gone in a year as well as GM in 1-2 years, Ford may make it. Plus everyone is keeping their cars. They will run them into the ground, plus we will run out of gas by 2020 and gas will be $10.00 per gallon by 2012, thanks to Obamanomics”.

    Really? This is Obama’s fault after being President for less than one month? I don’t think so. This meltdown and energy crisis is from 25 years of greedy me politics as practiced by conservatives with no plan for energy conservation or alternative technologies. If you want to thank someone for bad energy policy and the failure of the domestic auto industry in producing efficient vehicles people actually want thank george bush, the most shortsighted and ignorant president in our history. As for people buying chinese cars don’t bet that they won’t buy them from walmart or costco. Most of the public has still not made the connection that cheaps goods from overseas mean less American manufacturing and products.

  • Not a DICK

    Wow!, You are on another planet dude! How can you blame Obama for the mess we’re in? It’s the Neocons like DICK Chaney who got us into this mess. So, please spare us you delussional views. Sheez!

    We do need Electric and plug in hybrids, but not Chinese cars, who knows what toxins are used to make them.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    allopatry, although I agree that this is not all Obama’s fault, and I do agree that George Bush’s energy policy was very short of the mark, it is not all George Bush’s fault. There was a Congress that could overrule him any time they wanted. And who elected the Congress and George Bush? Whether you or I like it or not, the “buck” stops with whoever elected that Congress and George Bush. And since this is not all this last elected Congress’ and George Bush’s fault, the “buck” stops with whoever elected the many previous Congresses and Presidents. The problems that we see today, in both the car industry and economy, were sown long before even the mid 1980’s era of the Demming and Juran. We are all reaping what we have all sown. Now it is time to “pay the piper” and nobody wants to pay the price.

    Corporate greed exists because the stockholders do not exercise their right and responsibility to vote against that corporate greed. The problems with past or present Congresses and Presidents are because we have not properly exercised our right and responsibility to vote properly. Another example: President Obama is at an economy specific press conference, talking about the catastrophic economy, the stimulus bill, unemployment, and the many worries of the unemployed, and someone in the press wants the President to comment on the A-Rod situation? Even the press cannot keep focus at what is at hand. Do you think that the unemployed people in Indiana give a “rat’s ass” about A-Rod when their homes are being foreclosed on and they are not sure where their next meal for their children is coming from?

    This site is dedicated to finding a part of the solution to the problems that we now have facing all us. Cars and car manufacturing are a large part of our society today. It employs a large segment of that society. In fact, it is because we are such a car oriented society that these “foreign” companies even want to try and sell cars in the US. Therefore, we should be making wise decisions in our car buying that will help us and our economy.

    You state, “Most of the public has still not made the connection that cheaps goods from overseas means less American manufacturing and products.” It is not that the public has “still not made the connection”. The public is just not willing to practice the “isolationism” economy you extol when the real economy is a worldwide economy. Yes, there can and will be jobs lost because of that. But if we really compete and are competitive in this worldwide economy, then we will be the ones to take the jobs away from other countries. Or are we all too frighten of the thought of being competitive?

    Also, please note that this Chinese car will be built in Mexico, not China, and test marketed in Latin America and Canada, not China. The car is going to be manufactured in Mexico, even in light of the following quote from this article: “The Chinese domestic car market is already experiencing lower demand. And many analysts- including the Chinese central government- forecast that a number of Chinese automakers will not survive the coming year as cash and enthusiasm for importing Chinese cars is diminished.” Even the Chinese will not practice “isolationism” economy to save jobs in their own country.

    As for me, I would buy one of these Chinese cars at Costco, Wal Mart, or wherever else if it would meet my needs. My problem is that I just cannot fathom how one of these Chinese cars, even at $5500, could possibly meet my needs at this time.

  • Dave D

    I honestly don’t know why someone would start a company in these bad economic times. The US is in such a great depression that it hardly seems worth it to start a brand new company only to have it crash and burn the next year. Especially for a car company….

    Am I not right?

  • Oliver duCille

    Have you ever heard of Walmart? Most of their products come from China. So, Americans are ALREADY buying product from the Chinese through Walmart – almost everything they sell. Most of the electronic products purchased in America is either made in the pacific rim with Chinese made components or manufactured completely in China. I would venture to guess that these cars will soon alo come in an all electric flavor. A car at that price will allow people who can’t afford to own a car the ability get to work, get to school take their children to school and attend school functions. Improve their quality of life at a fraction of the cost. All the while reducing our carbon footprint. Truth is, if Chrystler and GM had made cars like these 10 years ago, they might not be in their current respective pridicaments.

  • Andrew J

    Hey genius, no kidding they’re not the quality of Honda or Toyota, that’s why they’re $5500 dumbass. You try and buy a new car for $5500 recently? Didn’t think so b/c they don’t exist. Also, I don’t see how a president who has been in office less than a month is going to make gas run out by 2020 and gas $10.00 a gallon by 2012. Shouldn’t you invest in oil then if you’re so sure genius? I don’t see how EVERYONE is keeping their cars. New ones are being sold every single day.

    Lastly, didn’t you read the article? 4000 people just bought the Chinese cars in Mexico. Is that nobody?

  • Bryce

    A lot of the products that are sold in Wal-Mart are made in China, but actually designed and developed in Korea, US, or Japan. Their cheap labor is utilized for cost effiencies. Also, generally, people don’t ride around at 70 mph in a DVD player. A certain level of expertise is necessary for a viable auto, and a 5 year old Chinese company may not be quite there yet…..though that is not to say they will never come….just give it some time.

  • Peggy G

    I am tired of everything being made in China. I for one would not even look at one. I am trying to buy American made as much as possible. Keep the work and money here. We don’t need to send more money to China.

  • exaudius lyambilo (

    RAFIKI-No body knows the capabilty of the sleeping giant country which is going to wake up in fifteen years to come,i could advice my friends to submit the specs on the type of vehicle they whant from china and see what type of end product is going to appear,you chinise people you are on the race by now therefore manufacture vehicles as much as you can with all range of affodable income,let them talk why china later we shall be respected

  • RedScion

    I think there is certainly a market for bargain basement cheap cars but not one that will prove to be profitable in the long run. The problem with selling Chinese cars in the U.S. is that the quality standards of Chinese cars is far below than the U.S. buyers are used to. Sure, plenty will try out a Chinese car for $5500 and take their chances but soon after when the poor quality shows its ugly face and it proves to be a piece of crap, that once profitable market will shift its attention towards used cars instead of cheap new ones. The Chinese are better off slapping a Geely or Chery badge on a car made by a more established company if they want to gain footing in the U.S. market soon. If not, they need another 7 or 8 years before their products will be viable in this market. Have you seen what their cars look like? Ugly Daewoo’s!!!

  • CharlesC

    Yes, American’s must rethink up that idea, of what a automobile really in. No more gas guzzling hotrods, that can tear up the roads. No, these days are gone. Yes, we have the technology to invent a smaller two person vehicle( lighter wieght and much smaller gas engine that gets around 70 mpg), but automakers don’t think the American public wants to go this route. Smaller and lighter means the car must be less safe. The auto industry must think up new ways to think up a thinner tire too. This will let the 650cc engine build speed faster and hold it steady. The auto industry should have been working on this idea long ago. Since they were caught unexpectedly, this caused them to go bankrupt. GM was planning on sending Buick to China and importing China made Buicks to the US anyhow. Chrysler was looking at China for the Chery Automobile to sale in America. So Chinese cars are not to much different than ours. DOT needs to readjust rules to let cars become lighter and be what a car was suppose to be in the beginning. A simple source of transportation verses all these regulations that prevent automakers from becoming competetive. I agree, Chinese cars belong in our Country, because we are the country of opportunity and let others trade here. All of us would not buy Chinese goods, because they do have a rep for being cheap. We like American goods. I ride a Chinese 250cc scooter that gets 70 mpg and it runs great. Had it 3 years now. Have a 2006 Chevy Colorado that runs great too. I say, this country is the land of opportunity for all nations to trade goods and we are going to have to think up a better cars with less money. Not that electric wheelchair for two that Segway and GM thought up for Americans. That idea went down to toilet, because no bumbers nor fully thought up the idea well. But cars should look like cars, even if America has to cut some thoughts out that cost alot. But one day soon, America will be drastically different. The rich will be the only ones driving big cars, middle class will drive cheaper cars like China cars, and the lower class will ride scooters, poor will be riding bicycles. That is how it is going to end up, in about 20 years. Look at pictures of the largest nations on earth. India and China have 30% driving cars, 20% rickshaws, 20% scooters and motorcycles, 20% bicycles, 10% walk. Do you think the US is any different?

  • Men in Gray

    O Yes for the price I bet you that will be market in the US.
    I agree with you on O….oB

  • sharon

    That wonderful nation that puts making $ above all else: things like worker safety, product safety, quality etc. First my herb tea was polluted due to the trucks that were being driven over the herbs to cause them to dry out faster (I wish I were kidding!) 1/3 of my grandkids toys had high enough levels of lead to test positive and had to be gotten rid of. The testing cost $35.00, most of the crap tools in my kitchen that I have bought and now don’t last as long as they used to are all made in China (some broke on 1st use!) You say buy American, well I do! When I can find it and tell my why you often can’t figure out where it is made by the label. Even things like Corning ware that used to all be made here now have some manufacturing in China. (Note: the thin new stuff doesn’t hold up, my daughter had a piece that broke in two in her hands slitting one of her wrists and causing an emergency room visit. Also, what interest does a communist nation have in providing quality products for a good price to a republic, the antithesis to their own beliefs? They regard us as a people who need to be conquered. I’m not interested.

  • jeff

    forget the talk…I have my money and I want one now! Many many people will, so get ready for an avalanche of us support..we are TIRED of low quality us cars…and we want fuel efficient vehicles..soo i am READY..along with many others to BMOD (build my own dreams hahahah)

  • nostradumass

    GM gone, $10 gas? I wonder why your view of the world was so wrong Dick?… did your politics cloud your view? Since all your dire predictions didn’t happen, can you now thank President Obama? or are you just one more guy named Dick who would choose party over truth? Ideology over nation? I wonder Dick, is it just wishfull thinking & wanting to lay disaster on President Obama’s door? would you choose the nation implode rather than Obama succeed? Are you the insider threat our nation watches for when our forces swear to defend the nation against all enemies, foriegn and domestic?Are you the 5th estate? Do you just sit on the sidelines and run your mouth or would you actively work against the current administration, work against Obama’s success? Have you crossed that line trying to so your seeds of discontent and hate?

  • Justin B

    Well Dick, looks like you are another one of those people who have no idea what they are talking about. Look who is still here. (Chrysler, and they are staying) I agree, the quality may lack at first, but at 5,500 bucks people would buy them. I would buy one. Oh, and GM is still here too. (Ever hear of the Volt, or the Cruze?) Ford was never in the murky waters of death eaither. I just bought a new car. Didnt keep the old one. People are buying new, sales records are being broken. Next month is 2012, and it seems gas has dropped. (it’s still less then $4) It seems like Obabanomics has kept total ruin away from America the last two years. Welcome to reality, Dick. The grass really is greener on this side.

  • aubrey anderson

    it’s great to see how threatened the existing car makers of China that they pay so many trolls to come on here and disinform people. obviously the Chinese cars are going to offer a much better deal than honda, toyota, ford, volkswagen or any of the other thugs who dominate the market today, otherwise they wouldnt produce such disgusting disinformation. i think i will buy a Chinese car just to show that i am resisting the current existing establishment, and their disinfo campaid. the demagogues talk about a free market but constantly try to block real competition from the market. it;s about time the people were offered a real choice. it’s obvious that the american and european cars are rubbish thats why they constantly require government bail outs. i am someone who is against war, and imperialism. i have long been waiting to buy a car from a country that isnt involved in a war, or hosts military bases for war mongers. now, for the first time in history, we get to buy cars from a peaceful country, and one that isnt trying to rip people off. it isnt that Chinese cars are cheap. it;s that european, american, south korean, and japanese car companies are greedy and charge more than they should. all that “quality”, and “safety” talk is pure propaganda. notice how the americans made a huge spectacle about toyota safety a while ago. if you truly researched that, you;d realise that it wasnt about safety at all, and it was a fact that the u.s oligarchs didnt like the japanese prime minister (hatoyama) because he was trying to get rid of the u.s bases on his countries. they use “safety” as a bargaining chip. eventually, hatoyama was overthrown by the u.s because hatoyama stood by his principles. of course youll never hear about this in the media

  • UG

    Everyone should live in another country. Maybe all these anti-obama super humans can appreciate the United States. If you can change the U.S do it. If not take the back burner enjoy this life your living and ride a bike.

  • nonion

    Obamanomics? r u an IDIOT

  • Ruckus

    I am an American living in China. Americans are in for a big surprise

  • Anonymous11

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