ChargePoint Taking Over GE’s WattStations And Charging Network

Major plug-in vehicle charging network company ChargePoint is acquiring GE’s network of 9,800 charging spots.

That breaks out to more than 1,800 commercial and about 8,000 residential charging spots being added to ChargePoint’s offerings. It covers GE’s network of commercial WattStations and residential DuraStations.

ChargePoint identifies itself as the world’s largest charging network provider. In addition to the added 9,800 chargers, the company said it’s operating more than 35,900 independently owned charging spots globally. The company works with more than 7,000 customers, made up of businesses, cities, agencies, and service providers.

Under the new arrangement, it will maintain GE’s existing software and commercial WattStations; GE will fulfill and the previously made warranty obligations. The idea here is to make network growth as seamless as possible for existing GE clients and drivers of plug-in electrified vehicles accustomed to stopping at a WattStation.

GE made its network visible in the past few years through DuraStations and especially WattStation charging ports.

It was working with automakers, such as providing charging stations for Ford employees at the automaker’s facilities. GE WattStation initially had been blamed for Nissan Leaf charging issues, but the supplier was eventually cleared.

As it is for building and selling PEVs, establishing and operating charging networks has seen its share of buy-outs and bankruptcies. The multi-national conglomerate was ready to hand over its charging network to ChargePoint, as long as GE customers are satisfied with the transition.

ChargePoint prides itself on providing GE customers “the opportunity to access one of the most comprehensive networks available.”

“Given its decade of experience, comprehensive portfolio and track record in the industry, we are confident ChargePoint is the best fit for our EV customers,” said Bryan Groulx, general manager of GE’s EV operations. “We are committed to working together to ensure a smooth transition.”

A website has been set up to answer questions GE customers may have about the transition.

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“Express Plus” fast chargers will be installed by ChargePoint starting this summer. The charging network company announced the new 400-kW technology in January during the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company said it will add hundreds of miles of range for PEV drivers in less than 15 minutes, making it competitive with Tesla’s Supercharger network.

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