CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 On One Fast DC Charger

GRIDbot and IES-Synergy (IES) entered in a strategic partnership with the goal, according to both companies, to help accelerate the deployment of electro-mobility in North America.

In short, GRIDbot will distribute IES fast DC chargers and provide service on IES HF on-board battery chargers.

IES will further supply GRIDbot with state-of-the-art electronic modules to be integrated in the next Equinox universal fast DC charger combining both CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo protocols.

The equipment is currently on display in Booth B101 at the Charging Infrastructure Expo ending Nov, 15, 2012.

The Equinox using the new global fast charging standard SAE J1772 combo-connector interface between the charger and EV will be available on the North American market by the first quarter of 2013. The Equinox enables power flow and communications in a single wired connection, and both companies say this will be the first commercially available unit to combine both protocols within a single station.

The SAE J1772 combo-connector standard has been endorsed by the majority of global automotive manufacturers and is expected to be available within a year on a variety of electric vehicles.

GRIDbot declared the new chargers will be delivered ready to connect to the Plug-n-Ride Network developed to process nation-wide financial transactions, data management and reporting, and the recording of carbon reductions for the development of carbon credits for all electric vehicle users both individually and collectively.

Stations connected to the Plug-n-Ride Network will be upgradable at a later date to fully make use of vehicle to grid (V2G) capabilities.

GRIDbot and IES are already involved in V2G technology on a global scale with bidirectional charging stations and bidirectional on-board chargers.

Both companies stated that V2G will allow vehicles to optimally exchange power with the electricity grid, providing grid-storage benefits in addition to the electric vehicle (EV) transportation benefits of fuel and maintenance savings.

The energy storage benefits of grid-interconnected EVs are expected to be used for local peak demand reduction and grid ancillary services.

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