Car Service Uber Adds Hybrids To Its Fleet

Uber, a premier interactive car for hire service that operates in cities around the globe, including Boston, Chicago , New York and Seattle in the U.S. as well as London and Paris, is adding hybrid vehicles to its fleets.

Uber contracts with existing car hire services, which use its android and iPhone platform technology, as well as online browsers to provide on-demand livery service to customers, while paying Uber a percentage fee for the privilege. Traditionally, the program has relied on luxury and limousine vehicles such as Lincoln Town Cars, which cost a premium for the end consumer; who is responsible for a base fare, plus mileage.

By adding hybrids to the mix, Uber’s Operations Manager Scott Munro, says customers will be able to reduce costs by 30-40 percent, aided not only be better fuel efficiency but also a revised pricing structure. The hybrid cars will use a $5 initial charge (versus $7-$8 for a typical limousine) and will cost $3.25 for each additional mile.

Pilot programs with the hybrid car service are getting underway in New York and Los Angeles with the goal of helping Uber “go to the masses,” according to the company’s CEO Travis Kalanick.

New York Times via PC Mag

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