Car Charging Implements New Pricing Policy

Following the recent passage of new legislation, Car Charging Group, Inc. announced yesterday that in certain states it will now set a price of $0.49 per kilowatt hour (kwh) for EV charging services, instead of billing according to a time-based pricing model.

A per kwh rate for EV services is said to be a much more equitable pricing structure, as EVs pull power from the grid at different speeds. As a result, a per kwh pricing solution adequately bills EVs for the amount of power consumed, rather than having to pay a flat fee or time-based fee.

The states in which CarCharging will implement its new per kwh pricing policy include the following: California, Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, Oregon, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois (pending).

“The implementation of new pricing policies in these select states constitutes the next step in the evolution of the EV charging industry,” said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging. “CarCharging is pleased to be able to continue to provide EV charging services at competitive prices which commensurate with consumption for all EV drivers in these areas. Additionally, we hope that other states will adopt per kwh pricing policies, since we believe this will encourage EV adoption by consumers in the overall EV market.”

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  • CharlesF

    It seems like the fairest way would be a combination of all three. A connect charge of $0.50, a time fee of $0.015/minute and $0.28/kwh.

    A straight per minute charge would be unfair to 3.3kwh chargers, as it would over charge them. A straight per kwh charge is unfair to 6.6kwh charges as they open up the charger for another car twice as fast as the 3.3kwh cars.

  • Modern Marvel Fan

    They need a time based “premium” as well. Once the car is fully charged, it will pull very little energy. But there is no incentive for the owner to move it other than being “nice” to other people. So, it should charge this rate for the first 2-3 hours, then start charging by time after that…