Car Charging Endorses SAE’s New EV Combi Coupler

A couple of weeks after the Society of Automobile Engineers announced its new combo plug-in vehicle connector, the Car Charging Group, Inc. has said it will endorse this standard, more formally called “J1772 EV and Plug In Hybrid EV Conductive Charge Coupler.”

The SAE’s charge coupler will serve as Car Charging Group’s new standard plug for connecting EV charging stations to EVs and Plug In Hybrid EVs in order to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Currently, the SAE’s original version of the J1772 connector has been the standard for charging stations and is compatible with most EVs sold in North America.

However, the original J1772 defined the electric current as AC rather than DC, which prohibited most EVs from utilizing DC Fast Charge stations due to the incompatibility of the charging station’s connector.

With the combining of AC- and DC-level charging in the revised J1772, fast charging stations with the new standard connector will be able to provide fast charging opportunities for the EVs sold in North America.

According to the SAE’s Oct. 15, 2012 press release, the new standard could reduce charging times from as long as eight hours to as short as 20 minutes.

“We are elated about the approval of the J1772 EV and Plug In Hybrid EV Conductive Charge Coupler,” said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging. “The new standard coupler provides a wider range of charging opportunities for EVs, which will not only reduce their charging times, but should also reduce ‘range anxiety’ and expand the adoption of EVs.”

Mr. Farkas is scheduled to discuss fast charging opportunities in the Closing Keynote presentation at the 2012 Charging Infrastructure Conference on Nov. 15, 2012 in Novi, Mich. In the presentation, Mr. Farkas will discuss EV charging station levels, potential charge times, and the future AC Fast Charging.

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  • JR

    Two questions then:

    What does this mean for current PHEVs that are on the road looking for a quick charge, and…

    How does fast charging of this intensity affect the life expectancy of the battery?


  • massage

    Your means of describing all in this article is in fact fastidious, all can easily be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

  • voltowner6695

    How will the Combo plug fit into car with just J1772? The hole in the body work isn’t big enough? I guess a J1772 extension adapter?