Car Charging Comes To Tampa’s The Slade

Car Charging Group, Inc. announced yesterday that it will offer its EV charging services at The Slade, a multifamily residential complex located at 1190 East Washington in Tampa, Fla.

The EV charging services at The Slade will be provided via a charging station manufactured by Coulomb Technologies, which is connected to the nationwide ChargePoint network.

“As a part of our continuing effort to provide our residents with the most environmentally friendly living, we have recently added an EV Charging Station to the main parking deck. Easily recognizable by its grass-like appearance and blue-lit wall station, it displays the Slade’s image and our commitment to a better, more ecological world. With a growing number of residents driving hybrid and EV vehicles, The Slade has joined the Tampa City Government and the ‘AAA,’ amongst others, to make driving a fuel-efficient EV car more practical. We are excited that we can offer this amenity to our residents,” said Linda Darwish, Community Association Manager at The Slade.

CarCharging installs EV charging stations, known as Level II, which provide 240 volts with 32 amps of power, in order to quickly refuel an electric vehicle’s battery. The EV charging stations utilize the standard SAE J1772 connector.

Once an EV driver registers and creates a CarCharging account, they will receive a very small RFID card that attaches to their keychain simplifying usage and payment of every intelligent CarCharging station. Users can pinpoint exact station locations using the CarCharging map at its Web site. The ChargePoint mobile application also provides real-time charging station locations with turn-by-turn directions. In a forthcoming upgrade, drivers will soon be able to reserve a time slot, guaranteeing them access to the station to recharge their car.

CarCharging’s RFID card also allows the driver to use other charging locations that are on the ChargePoint Network. Should an EV driver not have or own an RFID card, CarCharging also supports direct payment via credit card.

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  • dutchinchicago

    How do they charge these residential charging stations. If they charge them by the hour then it is going to be very expensive if you use it like a private charging station.

    Say that you arrive home at 6pm and plug it in. At 8am you unplug it when you leave for work. That is 14 hours * $2.00 or $28.00.

    For a volt that would be the equivalent of $32/gallon compared to a 35 mile/gallon car.