Canadian ES 300h Price Unveiled

As announced earlier, Lexus is introducing for 2013 a hybrid to the ES line-up as part of the sixth-generation ES. While the U.S. price has not been revealed yet, yesterday Lexus Canada has released prices for its market.

The 2013 ES 300h will appear in Canadian showrooms with a suggested retail price starting at CDN $43,900.

It is important to know there has always been a different pricing strategy between U.S. and Canada before you start thinking this will also be the U.S. price.

In Canada, the 2012 ES starts at CDN $42,150, while the 2012 ES starts at $36,725 in U.S. showrooms. The difference can be attributed to different levels of equipment, but also to a traditionally more aggressive pricing strategy for the southern neighbor. Lexus in the U.S. can afford such an aggressive price in part because of its greater volume of sales and a different competitive landscape.

For reference, the Camry Hybrid, which is technologically similar to the ES 300h from an engine and hybrid system standpoint, starts at $25,990 in the U.S. and starts at CDN$26,990 in Canada. Strangely, a difference of only $1,000, not taking the exchange rate into account.

Can we extrapolate from this what the U.S. price of the 2013 ES 300h will be? Unfortunately not, but we can estimate it will be slightly under the $40,000 mark.

The ES hybrid will have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine and is expected to earn EPA fuel economy ratings of approximately 40 mpg city, 39 mpg highway and 39 mpg combined. The ES 300h generates 200 total system horsepower.

We do expect Lexus U.S. will release the price of the ES 300h soon. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear about it.

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  • Van

    I came across a site which gave the Lexus ES300h MSRP at $39 thousand and change, but in agreement with your “just under $40,000. Most of the test reports have been positive, liking the ride and handling and economy, and the “sport mode” for performance.

    Now if the Avalon hybrid’s price is several thousand less, I will certainly take it for a test drive. But before I buy, I must wait until the Fusion Energi hits the showrooms in I think March 2013.

  • evmaps

    Really nice car!
    Hopefully the plug-in version will come soon.


  • John K.

    My brother bought the new one on Aug 1 in the SF Bay Area –$51k out the door. At ~40 mpg for both city & hwy, it will be a big improvement over a BMW 5 series….

  • John K.

    I should have mentioned for darelldd that it still uses light bulbs (vs LEDs), at least for the back up lights.

    I didn’t go looking for LEDs in other places because my brother would have asked what I was looking for and I didn’t want to make him feel bad re. his new purchase….

    When I get to ride in it, I’ll try ck out the interior lights, instrument panel lights, and then exterior turn signal lights to see if they’re LEDs or not.

    I am disappointed that it is not all LEDs. Maybe the new 2013 Fusion will be better….