Cadillac ELR Spy Photos Making The Rounds

According to spy photos that have surfaced recently, the Volt-based Cadillac ELR has “that Cadillac style” baked into the sheet metal, and now pictures indicate the theme is not surprisingly carried through to the interior appointments as well.

The “dramatic luxury coupe” as Cadillac has described it, was seen in a number of spy photos, and posted by various publications. Outside, the black-and-white coupe closely resembles the concept, with perhaps a bit more overhang in front, subtle variations in body creases, and exterior mirrors, instead of the stylized electronic ones shown.

Since the photos are copyrighted, we cannot show them, and given that most advanced-tech car fans have seen the exterior shots already, the latest news we’ll share here is Motor Trend also got shots of the interior.

The ELR will sport a version of the Volt’s center mounted speedometer along with digital LCD gauges necessary for an extended-range car including battery and range meter, etc.

Cadillac’s CUE infotainment system was clearly identified in the photos, as were touch-sensitive buttons lifted from the Cadillac XTS sedan that may well be customizable. If you thought the Volt’s interior was a gee-whiz creation, the Cadillac with leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob and seats will take all the high-tech goodness and blend it into a premium theme fitting for GM’s top-line nameplate.

As for what’s under the hood exactly, no one knows. All that’s known is it will be some variation of the Volt’s gas-electric Voltec powertrain, although last week, an engineer and long-time enthusiast on the forum gave it a good educated guess in a speculative write-up.

No doubt the ELR will offer quicker acceleration, perhaps more all-electric range, or both. The car is based on the 2009 Converj concept that got underway before the Volt’s December 2010 launch.

Other than the second-generation Volt believed due for 2014 or 2015, it is the only Voltec vehicle known to be pending. GM has not even officially confirmed what is otherwise a loosely kept secret that the ELR will be launched next year for 2014.

Competitors for this vehicle will include Fisker’s Karma, the Tesla Model S variants, pending Infiniti LE Concept, and we shall see what else.

A lot more official news, including expected retail pricing, will be generated as launch date grows nearer some time next year.

Motor Trend

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  • Modern Marvel Fan

    If it is faster than BMW 330ic, then it will sell like hot cakes…

  • Escape HEV

    Sounds great if you can afford one. But GM should build a Voltec series hybrid without a plug. Sure it wouldn’t be as efficient as a Volt, but it would cost significantly less, sell significantly more (helping to recover R&D costs), and still work towards normalizing electric drive vehicles.

  • Roy_H

    Since Cadillac has been promoting performance for many years now, I would expect it to be significantly higher performance than the Volt.

    I do not expect it to have longer electric range.

    One of the biggest advantages of electric drive is that higher performance does not equate to poor economy. I do not understand the requirement for a bigger generator however. The generator only has to keep up with the average power required, and this only goes up with higher speed. So maybe Cadillac is concerned that the ELR can sustain 100mph speeds after the battery is depleted?

  • Volume Van

    What about Cadillac ULC. It looks great, highly functional and also has scissor doors. Please bring this on and sell it at an affordable price.