Cadillac ELR Design Manager Discusses His Creation – Video

Recently at the Detroit auto show, General Motors’ 2014 Cadillac ELR was awarded the Eyes on Design honor as Best Production Vehicle, and the company has posted a video of its designer talking about his work.

In his brief talk, Cadillac Exterior Design Manager, Tim Kozub highlights how the company tried to stay true to the 2009 Converj concept based on the Chevy Volt’s powertrain.

The Converj was a showstopper, and when GM announced it would produce the ELR, as is often the case, concerns were how close the production vehicle would be to the concept.

Former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz with Cadillac Converj Concept.

Former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz with Cadillac Converj Concept.

Often times the neat-factor gets watered down due to practical or cost considerations between concept to assembly line, but for their part, GM’s people said they were shooting to keep it very close.

You can see the photo of the Converj in this post, and decide for yourself. The exterior of the ELR does very closely resemble the original Converj, and as Kozub says, it strikes an impressive posture in real life.

We’ve not heard an excessive amount of disappointment expressed over the ELR’s powertrain specs, but it does not appear poised to even out accelerate a Fisker Karma let alone an all-electric Model S, and should deliver performance fairly close to the Volt. While not slow, the posturing of the upscale Cadillac had suggested that some extra go ought to be added to match the overt show of high performance, replete with 20-inch wheels, and low-slung stance.

At any rate, Kozub offers his views from the design aspect, and we’ll likely be seeing more such promotional portrayals and info as the vehicle heads toward launch next year.

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