British Startup Alcraft To Launch ‘GT’ Electric Luxury Car Within Two Years

British startup Alcraft Motor Company plans to launch its long-range electric luxury sedan before the end of 2019.

The Alcraft GT is said to offer impressive range and performance through an advanced electric powertrain and lightweight body. The company claims it will be able to travel 200 to 250 miles on a single charge, over 300 miles with a range-extender, with the ability to shoot from 0 to 62 mph in about 3.5 seconds.

Power will come from a three-motor four-wheel drive delivering 600 horsepower and 840 pounds-feet of torque (1140 Nm). The actual range delivered will most likely be less than the 200-250 battery electric and 300-plus extended range estimate under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. Electric vehicles launched in the UK follow the optimistic New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standards.

Lightweighting will come from using carbon fiber in B-pillars, and roof made mostly from glass with a wraparound front screen. The startup says the Alcraft GT will only weigh 1700 kilograms (3,747.8 pounds) – only 75 percent the weight of a Tesla Model S.

In another Tesla-competitive reference, the company said the electric car will have enough connectivity to allow performance software upgrades. The concept design images are also showing another Tesla reference – falcon wing doors.

Alcraft said straight comparison to gasoline engine performance luxury sedans is off the mark. The Alcraft GT delivers, “torque rather than power, light weight and dynamics rather than straight-line speed and Nurburgring lap times.”

It can be designed as either a two-seater or a 2+2 model with backseat passenger space. The luggage area has 500-liters (17.65 cubic feet) of cargo space.

The photo gallery (below) suggests the GT will also be available as a convertible.

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The startup company is being led by David Alcraft, an experienced British businessman who most recently turned his medical firm into a multinational corporation. He intends to keep the management team focused on independent car design honoring the best of British design and engineering.

Other executives are bringing years of automotive management experience, including time spent at luxury sports carmaker Morgan Motor Co.

Crowdfunding is expected to play a key role in bringing in seed funds to hit the 2019 production target along with finding equity backers.

Crowdfunding investment shares start at 10 pounds ($13) and go up to 25,000 pounds ($32,532). Rewards include VIP days at the UK’s Silverstone rack track, test rides in the GT “development mule,” exclusive deals on Cyclotricity electric bikes, and wristwatches from Matthew Humphries Design.

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