Both Volt And Leaf Have ‘Best November Ever’

In the monthly sales cross-comparison between Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, overall, it’s a case of steady as she goes, with both models having their “best November ever.”

Nissan sold 2,003 Leafs in November beating its October tally of 2,002 by one unit. Chevrolet is basically holding the month-over-month fort down too with 1,920 reported sales, down from 2,022 units.

The Volt’s November numbers represent a 26.4 percent increase over 1,519 units sold in November 2012. The Leaf’s are up 30.1 percent, and calendar-year-to-date, the Leaf is up by 141.1 percent year over year. In contrast, the Volt is down 0.6 percent calendar year to date.


These numbers are true, but it should be noted “November” 2013 ended for the automakers Dec. 2 because the month ended on a weekend (Saturday). It’s not unusual, but the practice of tacking on an extra business day or two does marginally inflate results – if you figure 27 days in a month, 1/27th = 4 percent – and it will erode from December’s results also, as “December” will end on time, on a Tuesday.

Of the two automakers, Nissan communicated greater enthusiasm for its Leaf as it keeps putting new units of its battery powered car into the hands of new people, and works to get the word out.

“Top Nissan Leaf markets like Atlanta and San Francisco remain strong, and we’re continuing to see sparks in emerging markets like Chicago and Dallas,” said Erik Gottfried, Nissan’s director of EV sales and marketing. “Working with feedback from LEAF dealers, we are responding to consumer demand and getting more of the right models where we have the best opportunity for growth.”

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