Bosch: Battery Prices Will Drop, Electrified Powertrains Will Spread

By 2025, Bosch says electrified powertrains will be in 15-percent of all new cars and eventually become stock equipment for SUVs.

That prediction comes from Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH. Denner spoke at the Car Symposium in Bochum, Germany earlier this month.

“Electrification will take combustion engines to new heights,” Denner said.

Because of the added fuel efficiency and additional torque provided by the electric motors, Denner is anticipating that electrified powertrains will become standard in SUVs.

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At the same time, Denner is expecting that battery technology will continue to advance.

In the next five years, “batteries will deliver twice as much energy density for half the present cost,” said Bosch.

Denner is estimating that a decrease in battery prices will help lower prices of electrified vehicles, making them “considerably more affordable.”

eBike with a Bosch drive system.

eBike with a Bosch drive system.

Bosch is expecting two other segments of the electrified market to grow as well: connectivity and e-bikes. The company plans to launch new products to take advantage of this growth.

To make recharging more convenient, Bosch announced that they are developing a new app. It will connect a consumer’s smartphone and PayPal account to create a seamless recharging experience without separate credit cards.

“Electric cars are good but connected electric cars are better,” Denner said.

Bosch has also branched out to two-wheel vehicles. The company manufactures an electrified powertrain for bicycles used by more than 50 bike brands.

This e-bike has become the “most successful electric vehicle” in Europe, according to Bosch.

“For more than 100 years, riding a bike was a mechanical process. No one saw any reason to change it. Then along came the e-bike, and completely redefined a market everyone thought would never change,” said Denner.

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