BMW Still At Work On Fuel Cell System

BMW is gung-ho for its electric i3 (pictured), and plug-in hybrid i8, and i-what-ever-is-next, but this week said it is still very much interested in fuel cells due to pure battery cars’ range anxiety.

“This is why the whole industry is still looking very much at fuel cells because it is not clear what is also happening on the side of the electric infrastructure,” said Klaus Draeger, BMW’s head of purchasing this week, adding the automaker is continuing research on a fuel cell vehicle system.

This week Hyundai announced its Tucson fuel-cell SUV traversed 434 miles on a single fill-up of gaseous hydrogen. This distance is farther than any battery powered cars, fast-fill-up infrastructure is being rolled out, and this potential for FCVs has BMW’s attention.

BMW has said it sees fuel cells as an emerging technology, and wants to be prepared.

In its efforts to grow its new sustainable “i” division, BMW has thus far launched in Europe and the U.S. the i3, the i8 was just launched in Europe and is due in the States next month.

Draeger did not offer further details on how fuel cell cars with a Roundel on the grille might one day fit into its eco-friendly plans.


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