BMW Says i3 Wait List Is Six Months’ Deep

Backlogged with global orders for its i3, BMW reports new buyers will need to wait at least six months before they can take one home.

The i3 is already for sale in Europe, and due this spring in the U.S. the green car from the new German sub-brand is pulling new buyers out of the woodwork.

BMW’s sales chief, Ian Robertson told Automobilwoche it has received 11,000 global orders and 1,200 of these are from the U.S.

On display in Detroit earlier this month.

On display in Detroit earlier this month.

Among those customers going for the $41,350 car with range extender option, 80 percent are new to BMW or new to car buying altogether.

It would appear BMW is onto something which may help embolden its executives who’ve said they will assess demand for the i3 and i8 due mid year before embarking on a third i-series BMW.


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