BMW Reportedly Increasing i3 Battery Range Again

What with cars like the 238-mile Chevy Bolt and 215-plus mile Tesla Model 3 making BMW’s 81-114-mile range i3 look a bit short-legged, the German carmaker may infuse a bit more range into its small EV.

According to a “source,” BMW Blog says BMW is upgrading the battery pack from 94 Ah to 120, possibly by late 2018. The company has otherwise been described to be “preparing another tech update in late 2018.”

Assuming this comes to pass, it range could increase by at least 60 percent. Under the exceedingly liberal and unrealistic EU NEDC cycle, the original i3 with 60 Ah battery jumped more than 50 percent from 190 km (118 miles) to over 300 km (186 miles). “Real world” range has been described as 200 km (124 miles) though the U.S. EPA says 114 miles.

The pressure is otherwise on BMW to introduce longer-range battery electric vehicles. The 238-mile range Chevy Bolt is already available at dealerships, and the 215-plus mile Tesla Model 3 is starting to see early deliveries for wide distribution starting in late 2017.

Aside from these, 200-plus mile range EVs are on their way from Hyundai, Kia, VW, and Ford later this decade, among others.

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The EPA lists the MSRP for the base-level i3 at $42,400 and $44,450 for the upgrade to 94 Ah. You can also get the i3 REX plug-in hybrid for $48,300.

Compare that to the 238-mile range Chevy Bolt that starts around $37,500, and – in a different category, and really likely to put a dent on BMW – the 215-mile plus Tesla Model 3 that will start at $35,000.

BMW Blog

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