BMW Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car Coming in 2013

A senior BMW executive last week told that its 356-horsepower plug-in hybrid 2+2 concept sports car is headed for production in 2013. Only time will tell if the comment is backed by a real commitment from BMW. Regardless, the vehicle follows an emerging trend that the world’s fastest, most exotic, and most expensive sports vehicles will utilize some form of efficient electric-drive technology. It also, once again, shatters the image of a hybrid as slow and dorky.

“It’s the sports car of the future, the way BMW imagines it.” That’s how Adrian van Hooydonk, director of BMW’s group design, described the “BMW Vision EfficientDynamics” two-door vehicle that was unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. BMW’s overarching goal was to combine breath-taking speed and groundbreaking efficiency. In the BMW Vision, that boils down to 4.8-second 0-to-60 miles per hour acceleration and 63 mile to the gallon.

First, BMW engineers use the rear-axle to combine a turbo-charged three-cylinder diesel engine and the mildest forms of hybrid technology. Then they add a second motor to drive the front wheels exclusively by electricity. When both motors and the diesel engine are called into service, the overall system can put out 356 horsepower. The car’s slippery design boasts a drag coefficient of 0.22—beating out the Toyota Prius’s 0.25. With great aerodynamics and a lightweight polycarbonate glass skin, the Vision’s 10.8 kWh battery provides enough grid-supplied energy storage to travel 30 miles purely on electricity.

The BMW executive told Edmunds that total volume could be between 5,000 and 10,000 units. No word yet on price, but the lithium ion batteries, diesel engine, exotic materials, and low-production numbers can’t be cheap. It will probably slot well above the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, the 4.4-liter V8 sedan offering around 20 mpg, which will sell for $103,000 when it debuts in mid-2010.

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  • Wes

    I hope this technology trickles down to their other products. As a car enthusiast, there’s not much out there for me that’s green and fun to drive at the same time!

  • Crut100

    Finally, a car from BMW that I would probably buy. Sold all my BMW’s off two years ago due to their apalling MPG. The only one that is good is the 3 series diesel but it is fabulously overpriced and too small. Can’t wait to hear more details about this car actually shipping.

  • Charlie Goodman

    Scientists have made the first renewable fuel cell that can store more energy than petrol. VANADIUM of course! :

  • ex-EV1 driver

    This is the option to socialistic subsidies against gasoline – let the EV do what the EV does best and let the market drive it.
    EVs are awesome and initially, they are expensive. Just put them in expensive cars, make the expensive cars better so they will sell. Mass production will eventually bring the prices down.
    Tesla did it, there’s no reason any car company can’t.
    Sure, I’d prefer a $20K eco vehicle but initially that isn’t any more realistic than a $75 big-screen TV today.

  • ElectroVelocity

    If only they would release a car that actually looked like that, I still don’t understand why the prototype vehicle gets so munted in the process of bringing it to market.

  • ex-EV1 driver

    Unfortunately, concept cars are just like cartoons. Just because and artist can conceptualize something doesn’t mean it can actually work.

  • Lucky Charms

    This car is the sh**. i’ve never seen such a beatiful car in my live time!!

  • DownUnder

    Wie viel?

  • mac

    Agreed, this is a beauty – I’m buying one.

  • Jack Brown

    See if you can find videos of the Vision as well. It is a gorgeous car when it is in motion. The slats in the kidney grill adjust for air intake needs and illuminate as well. The wheels can also tune their intake requirements. I was up close to this car at the LA Auto Show and was captivated by it’s beauty. Very nice job.

  • Anonymous

    no Wes i can c y ur sayin dat cuz most of da carz dees dayz r all super bad 4 nature duno any big wordz but ya unlike dis car its A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which is a hybrid vehicle that combines a conventional propulsion system with a rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) which uses no gas = no increased pullotion in air
    its aslo suppose2 be released in 2013

  • Jayz

    People are well informed and very hard to mislead these days so enough with concept cars! Show us something that works! And most importantly, something that’s likely to be produced.

  • Vk da don

    Sm folks, i mean engineers ar naturalli gifted to bring smtn unimaginable in2 reality, such ar bmw engineers. D world needs smtin diffrnt not sm old nd inefficient waste of time sm manufacturers called koncept kars. Kudos to bmw vision concept.

  • Anonymous


  • Roger

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    Wow its a road hawk..! Very stylish sports car, i think its also a BMW dream too.. thanks for sharing such nice piece of auto engineering…

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t understand why they can’t make a car with the same body type and everything, but without a ton of special features so its affordable? Its annoying that if you want a car that looks amazing you have to crank out money for extra power. Just stick a V6 engine in it and call it good.

  • bet365link

    It looks like a future car in movie.

  • bet365link

    It seems a great sports car to drive

  • yeah seiriosly wat anomanyus said

  • Ute Bull Bars

    Wow, What great car… I am so excited for this car.

  • Lights

    Great Stuff Indeed! Thanks for sharing this info. I will share this blog to my cousin.


  • Kasun Rajapakse

    What would be the price?

  • RonAbner56

    BMW never stops astonishing me. This hybrid sports car looks unbelievable. I expect the release of this model almost like I expect a fantasy hockey finale. The engineers from BMW did a really good job. Even it’s a prototype, with its features ,accessories and technology a cars passionate wouldn’t wish for anything but this.

  • Darrell Jackson

    The 356-horsepower plug-in hybrid is an exciting looking car, this technology is cutting edge at it’s best.

    Darrell L Jackson

  • uncle cory

    that is the most magnificent car i ever seen. i live that it is electric

  • bobmcboben


  • Paul Felix Schott

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  • Anonymous

    this is not fake, i was watching TV (in singapore) i actually saw the advert… it was amazing lol

  • Anonymous

    This car was in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and I must say it is impressive! 63 MPG! Wow, I can’t wait for that to happen. It’s probably going to be super pricey considering it has lift up doors like the Mercedes McLaren.

  • tapra1

    beating out the Toyota Prius’s 0.25. With great aerodynamics and a lightweight polycarbonate glass skin, the Vision’s 10.8 kWh battery provides enough grid-supplied energy storage to travel 30 miles purely on electricity.Cloud Hosting Reviews

  • wyatt rios

    this car is amazing it looks way better in person but it needs improvement before i buy one.the BMW hybrid is a grate car but a better one will be made.

  • Shawn

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