BMW ‘Light and Charge’ Combines Car Charging With Street Illumination

Is it sleekly designed urban sculpture of a streetlight or an electrified vehicle charging point?

Answer: Yes. It’s both. And BMW’s pilot project revealed at the Eurocities conference in Munich seeks to imbue style and functionality to what normally are stand-alone units with cords coming out of them that do little else when not in use.

“Light and Charge is a simple and innovative solution to naturally integrate a reliable network of charging stations in the city,” said BMW Board Member Peter Black Bauer, adding, “We are pleased that we can … promote the expansion of the charging infrastructure further … by the Light and Charge project.”

Beyond that, the streetlight can also be made into residential lighting with two or four LEDs.

Production is planned so this is more than a pet project, and Munich intends to be an early adopter replacing existing streetlights with these units – replete with charge points for electrified cars.

BMW light1

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