BMW i8 Spy Photo Reveals Unusual Doors

BMW’s plug-in hybrid i8 looks like it will feature innovative doors suitable for the avant-garde car, according to spy photos borrowed from our sister publication, AutoGuide.

The main difference looks like hinge placement, which allows the doors to open upwards and twist which should ensure they are fully out of the way upon entering and exiting the vehicle.

Are unusual doors going to be another trend for high-end plug-in cars? As we saw on the Tesla Model X, with its “falcon wing” doors, designers of novel electrified vehicles are departing from tradition in other ways to further distinguish their creations.

As for the i8’s motive power however, it is not all-electric like the Tesla, but merges a 170-horsepower electric motor – sourced from the entry-level i3 – with a 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine turning out 223 horsepower.

It is supposed to be launched in 2013, and the level of completeness evident in this and other spy shots suggest it should be ready on time.

Source: AutoGuide

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  • MrEnergyCzar

    These plug-ins are a bit too high-end. They should make the 3 series have a plug first. Nice looking car though, looks like the acura nsx…


  • Shines

    Looks to me like the driver is about to bump his head into the door – and he is not even all the way up to it yet. I hope it opens wider than the picture above shows. Nice paint job on the car – I am all for more than just solid colors. If only us common folk could afford such things.

  • larry68

    I just love the doors on this car. I see this being so amazing to see and drive. I am ready for this to come out in the future. So many fans of it. Orlando Spa

  • icetears

    If that rear bonanza makes it to assembly as-is there will be hell to pay, but I accede with FromThePassengerSeat that admitting any (or conceivably even many) shortcomings associated with this car it will be featured in a building someday. Anyone whose anytime endemic a Jaguar E-type can affirm to its assorted flaws, but at the end of the jogos futebolday it was a arch axis car advanced of its time. The Porsche 918 and the BMW i8 will both be remembered, if not for their achievement (which is absolutely aloft boilerplate but not groundbreaking), again for their abstruse credentials. Let’s face it, these ain’t no Aston Martin Lagondas we’re ambidextrous with.

  • Anonymous

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  • wlion

    I wonder if Wash State U’s tin anode Li ion battery technology would be compatible w/this? If so, that would be a tough act to follow: wide temp range, more and faster recharges AND 3x the energy storage! That would be a real “game changer.
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