BMW i3 To Get ‘Much More Usable Range’

BMW plans to boost the range of its all-electric i3.

Speaking with Automotive News, Ian Robertson, a BMW AG board member, revealed that the lithium ion battery pack found in the i3 will be improved this summer, offering a “much more usable range.”

Though the exact range figure wasn’t released, a boost of roughly 50 percent is expected, which puts the i3 at a total of about 120 miles on a single charge, up from the current 81 miles. Other improvements will also be coming to the compact electric car, though details are still in the dark.

A boost to 120 miles of range gives the i3 more driving distance than the Nissan Leaf, though it still falls well short of the new Chevy Bolt’s 200-mile range.

BMW sold 11,024 i3s last year in the U.S., though about 60 percent of those were fit with the optional gasoline-powered range extender which doubles the car’s range. Pricing for the i3 starts at $43,350.

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