BMW i3 To Cost Between $43,000-$50,000

BMW’s pending all-electric i3 city car will reportedly sell for between 35,000-40,000 euros ($43,460-$49,670) when it goes on sale in 2014.

According to the German (language) magazine Automobilwoche the price was divulged by a source close to BMW and this fits previous reported estimates for the pending green car which is now being showcased on a tour along with its sportier i8 which will cost over 100,000 euros.

The rear-wheel-drive i3 is a four-seater with good space utilization for a small car, and powered by a lithium-ion battery supplying energy to an electric motor supplying 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet torque.

The estimated range is somewhere between 85-100 miles and sprints to 62 mph are said to be accomplished in under eight seconds.

It will also be offered with an optional range extender a la Chevy Volt, and that version will be called the REx.

Automobilwoche via BMW Blog

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  • Max Reid

    It will be great if they can price it at 43K. Makes more sense to buy this futuristic looking car at that price than the 300 series at 34K.

    After all 90% of the trips are less than 100 miles. Later they can offer higher range model like Tesla for a higher price. Frankly I thought they will price it at 60K. But at that price, people will buy Tesla Model S which has 160K range and is a 7 seater.

    Tesla’s success will change these companies attitudes.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they make it look like the I8, has anyone told them the I3 looks like crap.

  • Lad

    The price doesn’t mean anything when they don’t really want to sell EVs yet; remember this car is for the California ZEV requirement.

  • Volume Van

    A car of that size has to be wagon like to offer enough interior room. Looks are great and sure it will win design awards.

    This is what people told about Prius initially and it became a big hit.

  • Michael Shainman

    The i3 isn’t a ZEV compliance car, BMW is making 30,000 of them per year. They are making the carbon fiber form them at their new plant in Moses Lake, Wa. Perhaps the mini-e and active-e are, but this car is the real deal for certain.