BMW i Embark’s On Mobile App Investment

BMW says the future of its BMW i sub-brand will rely as much on the vehicles themselves as on the whole connectivity surrounding them.

With this in mind, BMW i Ventures announced a strategic investment in Embark, and award-winning mobility app company. Embark is also the name for its mobile application designed to make getting around easier in cities using mass transit.

Embark is available for twelve major transportation systems in the U.S. and the UK and is expanding rapidly. Recently, Embark won best transit and mobility app awards from the New York MTA App Quest and NYC Big Apps 3.0 contests.

The goal of BMW’s investment, it says, is to further increase freedom of individual mobility by offering innovative mobility services.

Other mobility services providers with which BMW i is involved includes MyCityWay, ParkAtMyHouse and Chargepoint. BMW said it wants to increase the freedom of mobility for individuals whether it be by car, train, bus or on foot.

This newest investment was announced at the BMW i “Born Electric” World Tour in New York City, where mobility experts from across the USA met with BMW executives.

“I am pleased to announce today that for the first time BMW i Ventures is making a strategic investment in Embark – an award winning mobile app company dedicated to helping travelers navigate mass transit cities around the world,” said Ulrich Quay, managing director of BMW I Ventures, LLC. “BMW and Embark share a common vision for mobility in big cities. BMW Ventures’ investment in Embark will help our two innovative companies explore ways to work together in the coming years, especially in the area of intermodal mobility.”

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  • barbara cullett

    Is anyone in the business of refurbishing my beautiful 1991 318 is Beamer? Love the new ones, but cannot afford them, mine needs what would be to most people minor work……course I would love a new paint job too, lol…………….make it beautiful for me again 🙂

  • Navitude

    It’s all about the Navitude

  • Anupam

    When small and simple mobile apps are changing day to day life of people, then why would big brands like automobiles stay away from it when they can benefit with it.
    Thanks for this post!!