BMW to Offer Battery-Powered Eco-Car for U.S.

Norbert Reithofer, BMW CEO, said the company will likely “make a battery-powered ecologically compatible car for the U.S. market” with a target launch date of 2012. Details beyond that general plan are sketchy.

The initiative was spawned by the automaker’s status in the American car market after 2012, when new CAFE standards begin to take effect. At that point, BMW will be considered a “large vehicle manufacturer,” which means that it will be held to more stringent efficiency standards.

In an interview Tuesday with Mobile Magazine, Reithofer suggested that the vehicle could be a collaboration with another carmaker. “Our goal is a cooperation but if it does not work out, we will do it alone. We will make a decision this year,” he said. Reithofer added that the new vehicle might serve as the basis for the global launch of a new “mini car” designed for big cities.

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  • Andy

    Just in time to trade in my 2006 325i……………….

  • uktiger

    Great, now just sell us efficient dynamics NOW.

  • G

    Why is there an advertisement of giant GM vehicles on the right side of this page?

  • Armand

    Yeah I noticed that….why would a car blog like this…OF ALL PLACES…have a stupid ad like this? Author take note…get your ad money elsewhere otherwise you’ll be blacklisted.

  • ex-EV1 driver

    I think that it is great that GM will subsidize a website that espouses a technology that they don’t even sell. Talk about free money.

  • Shines

    I agree with ex-EV1. If GM wants to advertise their oversized inefficient vehicles on this web site they should be free to do so. I find it hard to believe they will get any kind of return on their investment. You’d think they’d at least advertize one of their semi-hybrids.

    Who was that poster who said his Toyotas were always breaking down and that we should all buy American? Maybe he’ll buy one.

  • reviewz

    Yeah, ex-EV1 is right. I don’t think anyone who’s looking at this site is going to buy a Chevy gas guzzler.

  • Rob D

    I didn’t even notice the Chevy add until I read the comments. I guess I’ve desensitized myself to internet advertising. Once I saw the add though, I had to chuckle. Very Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!

  • omegaman66

    GM almost certainly doesn’t pick each individual website that their ads appear on. The pay in bulk and an ad agency puts the ads on sites with similiar interest as the product… in this cas automobiles.

  • Jimbo G

    Why do you tolerate the ads? Use a browser other than IE, and you can eliminate them completely. Firefox lets you block out all page advertisements permanently, and it’s a free download. Best of all, once you’ve prevented that garbage from loading itself onto the page, everything moves faster.

    To me, those ads were just as annoying and intrusive as telemarketers calling me at my home number. Not any more!

  • shelly

    Yeah, with current oil price and the green agenda, I hope nobody buys a gas guzzler. I want to change my Dodge Durango to a hybrid. But I am wondering how long should I wait until the Toyota Sienna Hybrid to come along. I do have 4 children, no way a Prius would do it for my family.

    Hubby is looking forward to a new car-his old BMW is just a piece of junk! And the price tag for the new BMW will be?

  • Corey Cook

    that car looks BA

  • Anonymous

    It’s cool looking but, imagine a car that low driving over a speed bump. Yikes!!

  • Brooke

    OMG this IS a HOT CAR! I agree with you Corey Cook, it is BA! 🙂


    I am really desperate for a BMW HYBRID right now!! Please make one available ASAP!