BMW and EVgo Roll Out Nationwide Fast Charging Plan

BMW says that nearly all drivers of its plug-in electrified vehicles now have nationwide access to EVgo’s fast-charging network in more than 50 metro areas in 33 states.

BMW announced that ChargeNow by EVgo is encompassing all of the EVgo public charging network, which they say is the largest public DC Fast charging network in the U.S. The charging point expansion means that more than 92 percent of drivers of the BMW i3, i8, and BMW’s iPerformance series (X5 xDrive40e, 740e xDrive, 530e, and 330e), can enroll in the program and charge at any EVgo station.

A good deal of that fast charging will be done for free through new programs available to BMW drivers.

The EVgo charging network features more than 668 dual-port DC Fast charging stations installed and available to EV drivers across the county. PEV owners also have access to supplemental Level 2 chargers.

An additional 50-plus DC Fast chargers are scheduled to be installed this year. They’re being placed at convenient public locations including near shopping and dining locations on well-traveled routes.

BMW drivers now have access to four programs involving free and limited cost charging, with enrollment deadlines scheduled and starting this year.

Last year, BMW rolled out an “introductory pricing” program that runs through July 31, 2017, as the initial free-charging program was set to expire. BMW i3 and i8 owners were given two program options, annual membership and pay-as-you-go.

ChargeNow map imageFor this year, the first of the four new programs is ChargeNow DC Fast. It offers two years of no-cost charging for those users with a new BMW i3 who purchased it on or after November 1, 2015. They’re eligible for 24 hours of no-cost 30 minute DC Fast and one hour Level 2 charging sessions.

ChargeNow by EVgo CPO is a one year no-cost charging program for Certified Pre-Owned BMW i3 and BMW i8 owners. Owners of previously owned i3s and i8s can access no-cost charging at EVgo stations.

Owners can also consider the next two options, ChargeNow by EVgo Annual Pass or ChargeNow by EVgo Pay As You Go. In the served metro areas, they can make a single low payment upfront for a year of charging, or they can enroll for no upfront fee and will lock in 20-to-30 percent savings each time they charge at EVgo stations for a year.

Enrolling in any of these options can be facilitated by using a ChargeNow card that was provided when purchasing the BMW electric car. Enrollment begins at

Once they’re enrolled in ChargeNow, users can easily locate EVgo charging stations with the ConnectedDrive system in their BMW vehicle. They can use the in-vehicle Navigation or BMW Connected App to find the station.

“The pace at which we have been making charging infrastructure partnership announcements recently shows that BMW continues to aggressively pursue the company’s commitment to our e-mobility customers, with our steadfast support for growing the public charging infrastructure across the U.S.,” said Cliff Fietzek, Manager Connected eMobility at BMW of North America.

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