Better Place And Holden Collaborate On Volt Recharging in Australia

We more often hear of Better Place as offering EV battery switching stations for Renaults, but today for the Volt in Australia, Holden announced Better Place would be its “preferred partner for renewable energy and faster charging.”

For those of you less familiar, the “long range Holden Volt” is the Australian re-badged version of the Chevy Volt.

Holden says Better Place will enable effectively reduced emissions by making available a number of membership packages for Volt customers.

Central in this is a “Charging Spot” recharger unit and ability to purchase renewable energy or 100-percent government certified renewable energy certificates.


Ordinarily plugging into house current in Australia is said to require a bit less than six hours for a full recharge. With the Better Place unit this is decreased to under four hours.

While offered to consumers, Holden Energy and Environment Director, Richard Marshall noted the Better Place option is likely to be especially popular with fleets wanting to run their Volts predominantly on the initial battery charge.

For its part, Better Place said the partnership gives Volt motorists a complete recharging solution for their electric driving.

“The partnership between Better Place and Holden means Volt drivers can choose an all-inclusive service that delivers complete peace of mind and makes driving an electric car easy, convenient and reliable,” said Better Place Head of Strategy and Marketing, Ben Keneally. “We look after everything a Volt driver needs – including installing personal charging spots at home or work, delivering shorter charging times, and providing ongoing management, maintenance, and 24-hour customer care.”

Better Place will also install a Volt Charge Spot at the limited number of Volt dealers for demonstration purposes when the Volt is released in the fourth quarter of this year.

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  • Al Bunzel

    These fast charging devices need to be installed at Gas stations in places along the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane route and other routes along the coast. (I’m sure there would be other strategic routes in Western Australia and South Australia.) Lots of people drive along those routes. If the recharging infrastructure is there and if there is an education campaign explaining the benefits of them as well as how they can benefit from Electric Cars, then that will encourage more people to buy Electric Cars.

    I know of service/gas station owners who want to install these charging devices for customers and they are at strategic locations like Goulburn (between Canberra and Sydney), Mittagong, Berowra, Berry. In fact, one of the gas stations in Goulburn has a low voltage fast charger which I use for my Electric Go Kart.

    I heard a comment from a service station operator that with Electricity, it is easy as they already have it. They don’t have to worry about delivery. It is just turn on a switch. With gasoline and diesel, it has to get trucked in and they have to organize delivery. If the delivery is delayed, they lose revenue. The pumps have to be serviced and be regularly calibrated. Fuel supplies have to be regularly monitored and if you get sudden demand, you have to hope there is enough.

    I don’t understand what is taking so long with Better Place. Gas stations do have electricity going to their premises.

  • NormanSpalla

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