Bay Area Quick Charger Available To The Public

The first public retail fast charging station in the state of California is now installed and open for charging at the Stanford Shopping Center.

This charger was installed at Palo Alto’s Stanford Shopping Center by 350Green, a developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging station networks.

The company also announced plans to install 24 additional public fast chargers at multiple high-traffic retail locations throughout the Bay Area, for a total of 25 stations. A fast charger can fully charge many CHAdeMO-compatible electric cars in under 30 minutes.

Since Aril 5, shoppers at the Stanford Shopping Center have been able to choose between using the new fast charger (located in the Lower Level Parking deck off Quarry Road, between Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s) or one of the existing 350Green Level 2 chargers (located in the Lower Level Parking Deck off Orchard Lane between Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s).

This first public fast charger was funded in part by a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) as part of its “Spare the Air” program. The installation of all 25 fast chargers is scheduled to be complete by the fall of 2012.

The charger, made by Efacec USA, is a QC 50 and can be used to charge any EV with CHAdeMO charging standard compliance.

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  • john iv

    Would you please include some compatible cars for comparison? IE: Leaf would charge in 20 apx. minutes. I follow green cars and such, but sometimes the numbers are hard to follow. Also, I was under the impression that fast charging would shorten the battery life?

  • Chris C.

    Early experience on this site has been rotten. It’s hard to find, doesn’t work so well, and the phone support is poor.

    “I tried to use the fast charger at Stanford Shopping Center on April 7. No signage – I had to call the mall folks for help, and it took forever to find it. Its on the opposite side if the garage from the well signed L2 chargers. Then it wouldn’t work because it didn’t recognize the card it wanted me to swipe. So I called the number on my card for help. They basically were not helpful and then put me on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. It’s a good thing I didn’t really need a fast charge because I couldn’t get one.”

  • guy

    That ‘s correct; fast charge reduce battery’s live

  • dutchinchicago

    22 fast charging stations up and running in Chicago. Unfortunately my Volt can not use them. Last weekend I navigated to a charging station only to realize that that location had fast chargers only.

  • Mark C. Lawrence

    Comment #1: I finally found it, with the help of some comments posted earlier. The shopping center folks who answered the phone number listed tried to be helpful but the directions they gave me were vague. You need much more precise descriptions of where the machines are, and much better signage. It is not easy to find a charger in a parking garage! Also thanks to comments here I realized that neither of the two “charge cards” I have (Blink and ChargePoint) would activate it so have now ordered a 350 Green card. Which brings me to

    Comment #2: This reminds me of what buying gasoline was like 50 years ago, when you needed a credit card from each oil company with which you wanted to do business, But at least they all would take cash. How about all you charger-vendors get together and figure out how to accept each other’s cards, the way banks do with ATMs? And, on that same subject, how about you post a nice big sign near the machine that shows what cards are accepted, so those of us without the right card don’t waste a lot of time?

    Comment #3: When I ordered the 350 Green card I discovered that they charge $7 “per charge” flat rate. This makes it uneconomical if one wants, say, half a charge. For a level-3 charger one should be able to pay for 5-minute increments (or smaller).

    Comment #4: For a fast charger, parking at the charger should be limited to 30 minutes, the maximum time one is likely to need the charger. Otherwise someone could tie it up all day.

  • xiaotao22

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  • larry68

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