Battery Swapping Station For Electric Bikes And Scooters

DBT CEV and Matra introduced today at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) the Bat’Lib system, an innovative battery swapping station for e-bikes and e-scooters.

DBT CEV is one of the largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure firms in Europe; Matra manufactures Light Electric Vehicles.

The Bat’Lib station allows a user to exchange an empty battery for a full one in less than 10 seconds rather than waiting a few hours for the empty battery to recharge. This intuitive and simple-to-use system eliminates one of the major barriers to electric vehicle use – recharging time – and is ideally suited for electric bike and scooter commercial fleet owners, tour companies, and vehicle sharing programs.

Bat’Lib also enables the development of a variety of new business models for renting or leasing batteries and charging services separately from the vehicle purchase.

The Bat’Lib swapping station features ten battery charging ports and its small footprint minimizes space requirements. The system can be limited to registered users through an RFID system.

Upon arrival, the driver removes the empty battery from the vehicle, swipes the RFID card, and inserts the empty battery into the open port. Upon receiving the empty battery, the Bat’Lib immediately opens the door for one of the fully-charged batteries which is ready for immediate use.

The Matra-designed battery pack is built by Chicago-based AllCell Technologies and utilizes AllCell’s proprietary passive thermal management technology, which increases energy density, enhances safety, and dramatically extends battery cycle life.

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  • Max Reid

    Every home should have an Electric Scooter or Bike and they should use it to commute to the train station on good weather days. Any way, for the Electric vehicles, price is not going to come down any time soon.

    RAV4 EV is priced at around $50,000. How many people can afford it.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    My E-bike had a removable battery. Very easy to swap out if you had two at home, or take a second with you..


  • Party McAnimal

    I have been touting this kind of business model for over a year. Now lets do the same for cars. Public Charging Stations are an idiotic, waste of time idea as a only option for EV’s…

    Fact…Battery swaps would make EV’s a mass production product. No hassle, no time, no worries about range anxiety as long as they are located at gas stations. Imagine going into a gas station and looking cool, swapping your battery instead of filling your tank with a pollution making substance. This could make EV’s as cool as having and I-Phone or I-Pad.

    I will laugh uncontrollably at anyone who disagrees with me. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Capt. Concernicus

    I totally agree!

    We should produce many more batteries. Store them in safe locations at gas station and Jiffy Lube. Or better yet we all should carry an extra one or two battieries with us in our EV’s for that just in case moment.

    Sorry, but I wouldn’t swap out my battery at Jiffy Lube type location for the same reason I don’t EVER have my oil changed at those places. I don’t trust the quality of the oil nor do I trust the person changing my oil. I’ve had a drain plug stripped, an oil cap ruined and again who knows what kind of “high quality” oil they’re putting in my car. Plus, they’re always looking to find other things wrong with your car. “Oh sir. We found a speck of dirt in your air filter. It needs to be changed and we can do that for you, for just $30 more.” I don’t think so pal.

    I change my own oil and I do it with Amsoil oil and use the Amsoil oil filter. The best oil out there although Mobil1 is a close 2nd.

  • Perky McDoo

    Captain Paranoid,

    I bet you are one of those guys that never goes to restaurants because you think the cook is a bacterial petri dish, never get a barber shop hair cut, because the guy with the scissors might be a serial killer, never sleeps in hotels, because your portable back light would reveal too many unsavory body liquids on the sheets. I could go on, but I may be 100% right so far and you may think I am part of a black ops team following you.


    Are these battery swapping station in the city or on free ways.

  • james john

    it’s really very nice to see Battery Swapping Station , Now empty battery of eclectric scooter can be exchange with charged battery in few seconds,pretty good