Battery Separator Enhances Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

R&D Magazine has recognized Porous Power Technologies, LLC, for its ground-breaking work to improve the safety of the large-format lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, low-profile consumer electronics, and high-power applications.

The award-winning product, Porous Power’s Symmetrix HPX-F ceramic-filled separator, is said by the company to significantly improves a battery’s thermal stability and reduces the risk of catastrophic cell failure.

Developed in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and launched earlier this year, Symmetrix HPX-F also boosts cell performance and enables cells to cycle much longer than those with conventional separators.

“Instead of applying a dense ceramic coating to a separator, we thoroughly distribute ceramic particles throughout a highly porous, chemically inert PVDF polymer membrane,” explains Bernard Perry, Porous Power’s Chief Business Development Officer. “The particles reside primarily in the pore walls, leaving a large and uniform open-pore structure that enables ions to pass through with less resistance and less heat generation.”

According to the company, Symmetrix benefits include:

  • Reduced likelihood of hard shorts
  • More power in high-current applications
  • Improved puncture and abuse resistance
  • Far less separator shrinkage
  • Increased thermal stability with less cell degradation
  • Major improvement in cycle life performance
  • Higher bake-out and operating temperatures
  • Enhanced overall thermal stability

The R&D 100 Awards highlight “the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year,” according to the magazine’s editors.

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