Baltimore Taxi Company Launching 300-Strong Propane Fleet

Veolia Transportation, Baltimore’s largest taxicab operator and also the biggest private supplier of multi mode transportation in North America, is converting 300 of its vehicles from gasoline to propane fuel.

According to Mark Joseph, CEO and vice chairman of the company, the move will represent significant cost savings for the company as well as reducing the environmental impact of its fleet.

“Propane gas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world,” he said. “With the price of propane autogas averaging $1 per gallon less than gasoline, vehicle conversions and fueling infrastructure are particularly cost-effective for fleets such as ours.”

The conversion program, which represents almost half of the entire Veolia fleet, is being handled through the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program.

Out of the conversions being handled, approximately 50 Yellow Cab propane taxis are slated to be operating in Baltimore by the end of the year, with the rest earmarked for other cities, primarily Denver, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh.

Because of its relative abundance and ease of adaptability to existing vehicles and infrastructure, propane has been a logical choice for fleet operators for many years. However, with increasing emphasis on utilizing alternative energy sources for vehicles, demand for the gas, along with CNG, is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, certainly on the fleet side, programs such as this and Hertz Rent-A-Car’s CNG rollout bearing witness.

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  • Max Reid

    As Per World LPG Vehicles Association, 60% of LPG comes from Natgas while the other 40% comes from Oil. So this is a bridge fuel and also most of it is produced domestically.

    It makes sense for many vehicles to switch from Gasoline to LPG since there are 2,500 LPG stations in this country. And there are around 1,000 CNG stations. But if the Taxi fleet has a lot of Taxis in a city, then they can consider moving to CNG as well.

    There are more 14 million LPG powered vehicles in the World and for CNG, its around 21 million.

    Ideally all Taxis should convert to some cheaper alternative fuel, since they travel a lot every day.

  • dutchinchicago

    We are running out of this black stuff for you to burn and destroy the planet but if you don’t mind giving up your trunk space we can install this huge tank there that will allow you to continue to burn this other stuff we found under your house so that you keep cruising towards a warmer tomorrow. (ps. sorry about your drinking water).